the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

WELL, I'll get the hang of it some day

More experimenting with my tablet. It's been an interesting process. This was originally supposed to be fanart. But then my complete inability to accurately portray people as they really are asserted itself, and I just gave up.

ETA: So I have fixed Stark's face a little. It still doesn't look like him. But at least it's not like some other weird dude leaning all over Stark's ASkars. This is for that high school AU I've been taunting amberlynne with where ASkars is the school slut, and Stark is the school pothead.

A snippet, due to popular demand:
Stark Sands was a really big pothead. Alex wasn’t sure how they were in the same grade, because Stark was pretty much always out on the path, smoking up. He was a total stereotype down to his converse and flannel and the stupid acoustic guitar he always carried around.

He was leaning against the locker bank, and sucking hard at the straw of a big gulp, staring right through Alex. He blinked for a second. Those glazed green eyes brightening like everything was coming into focus and then he shook his head with a knowing smile. Alex raised an eyebrow and walked off to class. He didn’t wince when he heard the janitor’s closet open a second time. So what if Stark knew he’d gotten blown between B and C periods. The entire world should know as a testament to his powers of persuasion.
Tags: art
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