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I saw Cache today, a very strange movie. Not really much to say about it, except that with every Daniel Auteil movie I see, I'm continually surprised with his acting talent. But it was a VERY strange movie. Also, Katie said she'd go with me to see that movie with Antonio Banderas and ballroom dancing. An irresistable combination I tell you.

I am, at current, quite loaded down my good things to eat, which is, of course, always a plus (most of the commas in that sentence have to be wrong). I have Honest Tea, Chai concentrate, popcorn, alfredo sauce, madeleines, unsalted bavarian pretzels (pretzels are the one thing I do not enjoy salt on, I'm strange that way), and of course, the crowning glory, MARMELADE. How exciting.

Did the enneagram with Flo and Colleen. Both Colleen and I were awarded the synopsis of "probably were abused as children" as the reason for our current personality. Er, okay? I'm a number 8 with strong 1 and 4 wings. Basically that means I'm a perfection seeking romantic asserter. So a romantic bitch? Sounds strangely right.

to whom it may concern . . .I have actually followed my writing deadlines. Which means Chapter two of Can't Put a Word to the Feeling will be up the minute that Colleen gets it back to me. lindas_muse, I adore you for being so fast.

So I was going through all my old notebooks and I found these quotes from Freshman year of high school that I had studiously written down. Most of them happened in Japanese or World History. Hah those were good days. Hey triaelf9, see if you remember any of this.

As Kevin gives his grammar point presentation-
Kevin: Do you have any questions?
Yuki: I have a question.
Yuki: Do you support the bombing of Iraq

As Zack gives his grammar point presentation-
Zack: So Kevin could you give us an example . . .
Kevin: Sure . . . *proceeds to get it horribly wrong*
Zack: No.
Kevin: Oh, but . . .
Zack: Look, the answer is right there! *points* I think! Hey! Where'd it go?

On the subject duck and cover Earthquake drills (hey, I live in California!). . .
Braulio: I'm going to do it black man style! Eargg! *Leaps up and rolls under table*

As we contructed a poster on the rudiments of Buddhism:
David: Actually, I kinda do want boobs, that would be cool.

Because football games are actually worth people's time
Mr. Di Giacomo: Any Questions?
Emerson: Uh, I have to go.
David: That wasn't a very good question, Emerson.

On the subject of god knows what . . .
Vinnie: It's a journal! His journal's name is Bobby.
Lauren: I thought we were talking about Middle English.
Vinnie: This has everything to do with Chaucer!

Simply because we are bored . . .
David: So, why were you, uh . . .?
Vinnie: Ooh, the girl thing
David: *ignores Vinnie* Yes, so, why?
Lauren: I'm bi!
David: You have a penis?!?!
Everybody: WHAT?

Because Nick and Zack have a love hate relationship . . .
Zack: You're a rabid cow crossed with a sheep! AAAAND . . .Nobody likes you!
Nick: I need coffee.

On the subject of past students . . .
Mr. Di Giacomo: Captain Cook, not Captain Hook! Captain Cook NOT hook! I've had people write Captain Hook went to Hawaii . . .uh yeah right!

The vagaries of science . . .
Katie: Oh, Ms. Merchant?
Ms. Merchant: Katie? Are you in this class?
Katie: Uh, yes?
James: You've already said that like five times!

Because the periodic table of elements can be difficult . . .
Lauren: What's Sn?
Michael: Zinc?
Ms. Merchant: No, it's tin!
Michael: I said sink!
Ms. Merchant: Sink isn't an element, dumb butt!

On voice recognition . . .
Ms. Merchant: *does complex problem on board* because resistance is so and I=VR.
Sarah: I'm so lost.
Ms. Merchant: Who said they're so lost? *continues to face board as she writes problem* Oh, Sarah.

On Japan after Hiroshima . . .
Mr. Di Giacomo: Sun is dead forever.

During an outdoor science demonstration . . .
Cameron: Marcos, get your Brazillian ass off the grass.

On the straights of Magellan:
Mr. DiGiacomo: 30-60 ft. waves, giant iceburgs, killer penguins *class writes this all down*. No, what's wrong with you? Killer penguins?
Vinnie: Ohoh, right!

On what it was like to take advanced English as a freshman. . .
Nicole: I was afraid I was gonna fail, and not get into college, and be homeless. But you know, nothing important.

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