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God I've been posting a lot recently. And yet, here I am again. From the people who brought you Batman/ASkars and Sailor Moon!Dean comes a brilliant new idea:

Dean Winchester is JACK BLACK in School of Rock. No, seriously. How brilliant would that be? Dean is like a really awesome guitarist, but he's a total underachiever and he can't hold down a band or a job because of all the side hunting jobs he's doing. BUT THEN ONE DAY HE STEALS A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER JOB FROM HIS ROOMMATE CASTIEL AND OUR STORY IS BEGINS. Dean's not  really suited for the job. He doesn't care a wit for math, the kids already speak English, and the only thing he has to say about sailing the oceanblue in 1492 is LEIF ERICSON BITCHES. But he finds common ground when he realizes that the class is alarmingly good at music even if they keep playing this weird Bi-thoven guy!

Enter Sam, the uptight principal who is seven feet tall and dresses like he walked out of catalogue for old farty english professors. Dean totally thinks he has a stick up his ass. BUT when he gets him drunk and puts on Rush, a whole new, really effing hot side of Sam breaks out. And he kind of wants to fuck him. It's a problem, because he's always around Sam in the presence of like 28 school children. He still likes to play Telephone Line by ELO when Sam comes to visit the class, just to watch him shiver. And then shit happens, Dean technically kidnaps 28 school children and brings them to a bar. With alcohol and loose women.

But it's okay, because Dean is awesome. Somehow the story works out. It involves a daycare, and sex in the rain where everybody present is above the legal age, and a really bad band with a guy who used to be in RENT. Castiel decides to quit substitute teaching and join Dean in his daycare efforts. Sam will never stop wearing tweed pants.

Oh well. You can't have everything.

Admit it. memphis86  and I are geniues.
Tags: brock kelly, brock kelly is ruining my life, brock was born female, chad is ann veal, crack, dean alyosius winchester, dean has a funny middlename, happy valentines day brock, i secretly like chad, it's gay everywhere, plot bunny, sam and dean, sam and dean's love child, sam is a french girl, wincest
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