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Watch it fall apart

It's all going out of control. Lauren Donohue has a D in Chemistry. A fucking D. I have never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever had a D. This is a problem. I don't know what to do anymore. Once again I'm sitting in the computer lab typing up more of my abso-fucking-lutely stupid life. Also, Arizona Iced Tea has earned my wrath.

The last couple have days have been entirely devoted to history projects on the topic of my choice. I of course chose gun control. If I can't convert the entire class to gun control by the end of the period (which shouldn't be that hard, I live in the Bay area), then I can basically say there are always some lunatics who just can't be convinced. Hopefully Mr. Kelly won't think that it's too opinionated. I've seriously worked my butt off for it. I think even if HE thinks I did a crappy job, at least I'll have it and be able to send it to my dad. Not that it'll be anything my father doesn't already know.

Also, Lynne has decided that Ronald Reagan sucked as a person but wasn't a very bad president. Uh-oh. I cited the 501 stock plunge, reaganomics, the average income per capita lowering, the failure of ERA, the re-instatement of the death penalty, and countless other examples. However, she's refusing to budge. Ah well, to use Al Franken's words, "Some people you should try your hardest to convince, and other people you should just hit over the head with a baseball bat and tie them up in a closet come election day."

To whom it may concern . . .HP fans unite, I'm afraid of the fourth movie.
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