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As they say in New Orleans, Bye You...

Kim Kardashian's latest scent is a complete ripoff of Michael Kors' fragrance. I'm a devout user of MK, but Kim's is cheaper, so if you like tuberose might as well, right?

So most of the goodies I have to impart is makeup and it's accouterments. Although I always say Red Vines are better then Twizzlers, and if you can find Honest Tea in glass bottles buy it, because it is a rare and precious resource.

1. Makeup Forever Mist and Fix, I only started this stuff recently, but I wear pretty epic eye makeup and a lot of stuff to cover the scarring on my nose and cheek, so I like it to stay in place. I can honestly say that I'm far less likely to sweat my makeup off when I'm wearing this. It's available at sephora here, and you can get a fairly large amount for only $8.

2. Arizona Tea Bags. I used to love Arizona Iced Tea when I was younger, but then my mother made me a bet that I couldn't go an entire summer without drinking soda or sweetened iced tea, and at the end of it, I couldn't drink the sweetened stuff anymore. But this is all okay, because Arizona and Bigelow have teamed up. And they make awesome pomegranate tea. I have a cup every night before I go to bed. They sell it at safeway and on Amazon.

3. Lockdown by Too Faced. It's my first cream shadow. The days where I still want my makeup to look good but I don't want to put a lot of effort into it, I put this stuff on in "Jailbait." I don't think I would have the same luck in the bright blue one, but it's really easy to use and eye pencil goes over it beautifully for a smokey eye effect. It's available at sephora here for $18.50.

And let me use this moment to blow the horn of some indie products...

4. Lime Crime makeup, this company was launched in 2008 by Doe Deere in New York City. It's for a very saturated opaque color in a variety of unexpected shades, both for lipstick and eyeshadow. The prices are all reasonable, in fact there's a sale going on for Valentines Day. I recommend you take a peak if you like lipstick shades in cotton candy blue or bright mango. She also has a great blog full of easy-to-follow tutorials for really stand out looks. Get it here.

5. Fyrinnae. This company has only recently come to my attention. The website is horribly junky, but there is literally every color and pigment under the sun available in both matte and shimmer, and it's almost criminally cheap. Also, you'll tickle yourself with the clever names. Favorite shades are "Looking Glass", "1.22 Gigawats", and "Atomic Afterglow". You have to go careful, because it'll get everywhere. I don't know anything about the lipstick though. If you try it, tell me how it goes.

6. Cookie Party, I'm really bad at DIY stuff. Embarrassingly so, but I always like the notion of being able to dazzle my clothes. Cookie party has everything one could ask for: ribbons, bows, buttons, trim. It's all really cute stuff. Buttons shaped like cupcakes or ice creams and hearts in every color of the rainbow. If you can actually wield a pair of knitting needles or sew on some lace, check it out: cookie party.

7. Mederma. I can't remember if I recced this before, but if I did, well, I'm doing it again. This is the anti-scar cream the doctor gave me after my accident. I lent it to a friend who was worried about acne scarring and she says it's really great for clearing up redness. This summer when I took a fall in Riverside park and the entire scrape got horribly infected, I worried that I would have another horrible scar on my leg, but I put this stuff on three times a day and it faded. It's expensive. That's the downside. But, it works so there is that. You can get it at pretty much any drug store.

There are of course a million other things that are new haven specific that I would love to tell you to check out. But I doubt you'll ever find ANY reason to be here. If you do find yourself in New Haven, call me and I shall hook you up!

Now I shall go back to watching Life on Mars. I just saw the episode with the two officers from Vietnam who were gay for each other, but uh, it ended badly.
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