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OMG, snippet party...

I've been having so much trouble finishing my fics, so you know what that means? Gimme some prompts and I'll reply with snippets. Any fandom I've participated in, although only AU prompts for J2. You can even request bits from this crazy Gladiator fic that I will never finish below...

He’s Suione. The man in the ring. Tall, with his blond hair shorn short. Nate doesn’t understand anything about the games, but he knows the Suione is good. He clips the Baktrian fighter in the jaw with the hilt of his sword and then dumps him in the sand. The crowd roars and the Suione bends down and rips out his throat, raising up again with crimson stained fists. Nate drops his eyes, and when he raises them up again he finds the Suione staring right into his box, gaze arrowing straight through him.

“Is he looking at me?” Nate’s sister breathes, grabbing at his elbow. “He’s so strong and graceful in form.”

“Could be,” Nate says softly, unable to look away from Brad.


Nate agrees with great reluctance to go with his friends to the Ludus Magnus. He’s never had much stomach for gladiators, but Servillius and Clodius won’t stop badgering him until he agrees to come. Nate sighs, and allows himself to be dragged out.

The ludus is saturated with the smell of sweat. They’re quickly shown the gallery by a circumspect slave, and Clodius and Servillius laugh and joke with each other, wondering if the Barbarian’s even had the facility to speak. Nate’s only half paying attention, but he doesn’t know why he’s surprised to see the Suione, running through forms in the practice ring with a wooden sword. He stops, watching the way the Suione’s muscles bunch and shift under his oiled skin.

“I see that the Suione has caught the young tribune’s eye,” the master of the ludus says, he sticks his tongue in his cheek and turns to the slave, “Summon Brad.”

Nate colors. “No, please, I importune you not to…”

His protests fall on deaf ears.

-More Winery!AU for pjvilar (from this story Here)
-Horrible First Date (from FBI!Nate/Cop!Brad 'verse) for amberlynne
-More Gladiator!Brad and Tribune!Nate for alethialia
-Sci-Fi AU: AI Brad for oxoniensis
-Brad/Nate, hottest day of the year for soul_cake_duck
-High School AU, Brad in military school for strangie
-More Gladiator!AU for melloniel
-Winery!AU: Brad's History for bijoux
-Brad/Nate Pre-Kuwait, Pre-Slash for jujubinha
-Brad/Nate, Cuddly Bear for tikiaceae
-Even MORE Gladiator!Brad for snarkaddict
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