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It's that time again. The time where I have work to do, but where I'm really more interested in writing porn. It's an affliction I suffer far too often. But anyway, I'll write Generation Kill, Supernatural, Inception, Haven (Am I the only person watching this show?), and well...pretty much anything.So hit me up style with some prompts.

Glee, Puck/Kurt, Mind-reading for hiza_chan
Fratboy!AU, morning after for pjvilar
Nate went to law school rather than joining the marines. Brad is on Libo in cambridge.
for goshemily
Duke/Nathan, Haven porn
for hellokitylovr15
Sam/Dean, Outside!Pov
for wendy
Arthur/Eames, Eames needs to be convinced to rejoin the team for soda_and_capes
Jake/Ryan, Failed road trip
for stellarluna35
Gladiator AU: ultimate sex scene edition
for mydocuments
Brad/Nate: Somewhere in the future of the military school AU
for lady_lurker
Soccer AU, Brad/Nate Pre-slash
for passionofmind

Just a heads up, please no more Model!AU prompts. Addendum to the heads up, please no more GK!Inception AUs. I actually write Inception fic. It's like asking me to write a GK!Supernatural AU. I will crossover anything you like, but I'm not AUing inception.
Tags: fic, snippet party
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