the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
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On the subject of being alone

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[ music | AC/DC-Shoot To Thrill ]

So, Mum is gone for a week . . .basically I've just been sitting around taking care of my chores and hanging out with Flo. Yesterday, we went all over Stanford Campus and took pictures because we had nothing better to do. Basically we ran around and whoever had the camera made use of it. We took 174 pictures.

We went to One-Acts last night, all of which were brilliant, er except for Noel's. That one was too deep for me. And all the cigarette smoke was really bad. I have an entire rant about that, but I've annoyed enough people with that. Trust me, I have the law behind me on this one *shakes fist at Noel*.

I was at Stanford shopping center with Flo today, so we decided to try on some prom dresses . . .granted I swear I'm going in a suit, but hey, I look good in this one . . .for once . . .

what an odd expression on my face!

I gave Mr. Struckmeyer my writing piece, only to reread it with Flo and realize it's um er . . .a little more explicit than I remembered. I know he won't be bothered, but he's going to make SOOO much fun of me. Flo really wants to be there now so that she can laugh at me. Ah, the friends I have.

I'm off to make a CD for Jessica.

to whom it may concern . . .hmm, I have absolutely no desire to do anything at all . . .

Tags: 21 jump street, music, pictures
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