the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Frustration is never fun

[ mood | pissed ]
[ music | Angry Inch-Hedwig and the Angry Inch ]

I changed the layout again. Only, I'm horrible with code and CSS, so whatever. I think it's time to get a paid account, my friends. And also, a design friendly dreamweaver would be really nice. Whatever, I don't care anymore. I'm giving up.

Talked to Mr. Struckmeyer about my story for an hour yesterday. I am not quite sure what to do about the changes he suggested. They're pretty drastic, they're also changes that I wouldn't have ever wrote if I was starting from scratch. So I keep feeling like it isn't me.

To whom it may concern . . .Saw the celluloid closet last night. It was brilliant. Now, I'm in extreme pain, so excuse me while I go off and die.

Tags: movies
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