the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

I have spontaneous nostalgia disorder

I slept 'til 5:45 today and I went to bed at about 4 AM. My roommate said I had the get-out-of-jail-free card with it being the end of daylight savings time, but the honest truth is that I'm a lazy ass. I ordered indian food and played around on paperbackswap (my wishlist is growing to inhuman lengths). Tomorrow will have be a productive day instead of today.

I went up on the roof (with my excellent view of Manhattan), and smoked a cigarette* while listening to "Death" by White Lies. It brought me back to being in the Netherlands on New Years Eve 2008 and watching the entire country explode with homemade fireworks. I wish I had a good enough camera to show you pictures.

Also, I'm sure that everybody has seen this already, but if you haven't, it's amazing.

*forgive me, but I bought them in beauty school-induced misery.

1. Hawaii Five-0, I'm getting kind of bored with the cases, not gonna lie. I love all the characters, but I was totally uninterested in the kidnapping case where Kono had to go undercover as a drugged clubgirl (although the moment with the dog was amazing), and then this week hostages in a Submarine? I'm not a fan of Hostage situations in general, but I feel like this EXACT SAME THING WAS ON SEASON TWO OF LIE TO ME. And I did not like it on that show either.

2. Nikita, I haven't really talked about watching this I don't think. I've been doing it pretty religiously since the first episode (which I thought was a disaster, but Maggie Q is Maggie Q, it'd be like putting Christian Bale in the worst tv show ever, I'd probably still watch it). But it's probably been the most exciting thing I've been watching this season. I really like all the characters and DEVON SAWA WAS ON IT. I HOPE HE'S GOING TO BE AROUND FOR MORE THAN THOSE TWO EPISODES. Oh, god, him naked in her bed. I'm sorry show, I know you want Nikita to be with Michael, but he has more chemistry with Alex. Although I feel bad that Ashton Holmes will end up all alone in my preferred arrangement.

3. Hellcats, I'm still watching this show and no lie, enjoying it. But I don't like Marti enough to keep it up I'm afraid. She is not a real girl. It's getting to be annoying that she is so good at everything. She's their best dancer, their best choreographer, she's so smart, she's going to law school, she can play the guitar, she's an amazing singer, and the only person who can catch a football. DEAR CHRIST, it's too much. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to love Alice and her douchey quarterback boyfriend, yet I do. Actually I think I love everybody EXCEPT for Marti. Unfortunate.
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