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I wish time would slow down

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[ music | Lonesome Day-Bruce Springsteen (who would expect this song to be so happy?) ]

I saw Conor on Friday after soccer practice. I don't think I've seen him since the day I ran into him at school--which was before Holiday Break. He looked well, so that was nice. I think the skinny bastard's lost some weight. Ah well, my mother said he looked "very handsome" I believe were her exact words.

Mom also dragged me off to see Shastokovich's 5th symphony yesterday. It was amazing. I mean I spaced out and thought of all kinds of whacky things while listening to it--a Sailor Moon fanfiction I read in 6th grade, last years prom dress, my 7th grade history class, Christian Bale, Brian and Tom, general weird stuff to be thinking of while listening to a triumphant symphony--but I certainly wasn't waiting for it to be over.

We lost our soccer game again, heh no surprises. At least this one wasn't so painful. Our own keeper is a little demented. Ach, no help for it. Coreen did a good job.

For AP studio art I have to do approximately 5 pieces in three weeks. It is so not going to happen. Or at least I don't know how. Anyway, I have to go off and buy a shit load of school supplies, so I'll hit that wonderful update journal button at the bottom of the page.

To whom it may concern . . .I thought it was worth mentiong that I was rejected from Claremont Mckennna college.

Tags: 21 jump street, san francisco, school, soccer
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