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I haven't had a TV thought dump in a while

Two sage pieces of advice that I have smushed together: I am what I am and that's what I am--might as well live. Popeye said the former, and Dorothy Parker, the latter. It's been getting me through the past couple of days.

The Cape Pilot
So I thought this was a recipe for genius. Superheroes + Circus + Summer Glau = everything that makes Lauren Happy. Yeah well I was wrong. James Frain, who I've always thought was a perfectly respectable villain (I mean, he was positively awful in The Count of Monte Cristo and so freakin' GROSS in True Blood which is what you want? right?) is really bad. Whoever is writing his metaphor-infested dialogue needs to give it a rest. Also, MORE CIRCUS. And, given the fact that it had a two hour opener? Perhaps we could've gotten a longer training montage? I mean, that was the craziest origin story ever, BANKROBBING CIRCUS TEACHES YOU TO BECOME A HERO. HOW IS THAT BORING?

And also, sorry, Vince, I'm like 80 times more interested in Orwell than you. Even though I'm assuming she's called that for the whole "big brother is watching" symbolism, which REALLY! I'm not going to stop watching just yet, but I'm a little disappointed.

Drop Dead Diva
I put this on my netflix queue 80 bajillion years ago because of Margaret Cho. Netflix was like HAH, YOU WILL HATE IT. YOU DIDN'T LIKE 27 DRESSES OR FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL! YOU ARE NOT ROMANTIC. I see your point, netflix, but I remind you of my extensive collection of Drew Barrymore romantic comedies.

Because you see, I LOVE IT. I mean, the obvious detractors--it's a schmaltzy feel-good Lifetime series, and they do some truly bendy stuff with the law and judicial process, which is really awkward in a post-Law & Order world. But then there are lines like "Did you know res ipsa loquitur is a legal term? I thought it was a very large dinosaur!" I nearly peed myself from laughter.

I love Jane/Deb, I was horribly worried she would annoy the crap out of me in the first episode, and while I think this show believes that Jane's weight is actually more important than it really IS in the grand scheme of the world (I really do think Hollywood wants us to believe that we are agonizing about how thin we are not more than we actually do), I love the themes that come up each episode. Although that legally blonde plot ripoff in episode 12 really pissed me off. Nevertheless whenever this finally starts airing again I will be super happy.

Game of Thrones
Let me just state for the record, I do not like these books. Or rather, I liked the first one a whole heck of a lot and then very rapidly became disenchanted. But I think this would make an excellent television series, especially with all the talent lined up. And I still can't believe it's finally COMING TO OUR TELEVISIONS IN APRIL. Nikolaj Koster-Waldau! Lena Headey! Sean Bean--even if he's probably not going to last long! Aidan Gillen! Jason Momoa! I never thought this cast would be put together. Also poor Finn Jones. He's playing Loras. I can just see him showing up to casting and them saying AHAH, YOU WILL BE SIR TWINKFACE! I don't know if you've been paying attention to the production stills, but his armor is even more sparkly shiny fairy magic than I even imagined when it was described in the books.

I have to admit that I have been furiously googling Spartacus every couple of weeks ever since we found out that Andy Whitfield's cancer had returned. I sort of pray that the reason they're holding out is because they're going to be like, "SURPRISE, HE'S OKAY AFTER ALL." But I've heard that Stephen Amell, Aiden Turner, and Liam McIntyre are vying for the role currently. I HOPE TO GOD Aiden Turner doesn't get it. He is totally Daytime Television hot, rather than interesting looking. Liam McIntyre is apparently the frontrunner, and I get it, he looks kind of a lot like Andy Whitfield (he also has the least embarrassing resume).

Liam McIntyre

BUT I would laugh myself sick if Stephen got it, because excuse me, that boy was on Dante's Cove and he has the cheek bones to prove it.

See? His face could cut bread.

You guys have any thoughts? I leave you on a Batman note. when drvsilla asked for the Batman/Nightwing prompt, she really put me in a Batman mood. And because there wasn't enough Batslash in the world I went and created this tumblr: fuckyeahbatslash. So if you're interested in that sort of thing, and a surprising number of you I'm realizing ARE, you should follow me.
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