the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Even house plants are overpriced in NYC

I decided that in order to survive this never-ending not-quite-winter I needed some house plants. I got a zip car and decided to hit a couple of Brooklyn nurseries. Let me tell you, it took me FIVE tries to find one I liked. The others were so incredibly disheartening I was beginning to think that New Yorkers just didn't know what plants looked like, because I'd found all of them on yelp. But Sprout saved me from a wasted zip car reservation.

It was a sunny leafy paradise and I would've simply moved in if I thought I could fit my bed in there. I comforted myself by taking two philodendrons, a peace lily, Irish shamrock (which...isn't that kind of redundant?), and a fern.

And then because I had the zipcar I decided to head to the Fairway in Red Hook. Let me tell you, today was a beautiful day to drive on the BQE, I didn't even mind that there was a huge accident by Camden Parkway that slowed us all down FOREVER.

I was listening to Hurts' "Sunday" on the way back and I realized that I meant to upload their debut album for you guys sometime in mid-january and totally forgot with all the moving craziness. It's good stuff, very new wave, hence why I'm so obsessed with it.


ANYWAYS, I'll have pictures of my apartment soon. Maybe when all of our furniture arrives. And as always, comment if taking plz.
Tags: music
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