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Are you ready to get crazy?

On Saturday after a fabulous walk around the 'burg and dinner at Northeast Kingdom, Nicole and I went to see Cut Copy at Terminal 5. It was just what I needed.

Cut Copy are the dorkiest cool kids you will ever meet. And, as I told Nicole as I was leaving in an adrenaline-fueled daze, it was the closest I will ever get to a religious experience. I've often put Cut Copy on and crazy danced by myself all around my apartment and it appeared this is what the concert was like for everybody else. It was horribly uncomfortable, there was not enough space, some crazed drunk girl was hurling herself at everybody around us. Nicole actually had to rescue me on more than once occasion.

However, I never wanted it to end. Tim Hoey, the lead-guitarist, actually lept up on Mitchell Scott's drum set and started playing his cymbal with a tambourine. Halfway through the set they asked if we were ready to go crazy. At this point I didn't think there was any crazier that we could get, but they let it rip with like every synthesized effect they had in their arsenal and all of us were screaming and throwing ourselves around. They were all multi-instrumentalists, they had the best lighting-cues of any concert I've ever been to including Depeche Mode in 2005. And after the first encore Mitchell Scott tossed one of his drum sticks to the audience.

And I caught it. I still cannot believe that. Mitchell Scott's Vic Firth is sitting, scarred and pitted, on my dresser.
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