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rosekay and I went to see Fast Five last night in IMAX. I bought the tickets on Fandango at the very last minute, and I wasn't expecting it to be that big of a deal because when I went to Fast & Furious in 2009 on opening night there was...only my friends in the theater. Cue me frantically calling her while I waited in line, trying to figure out how to get a seat and make sure she had our tickets. Thank Christ for this very nice (hot) man who saved two seats for me.

It was basically Ocean's 11 and the Italian Job rolled into one with the cast of the entire franchise. And you know what? That is amazing!

I love the fact that Brian and Dom still manage to find ways to be gay even though Brian's going to be a daddy. Constantly separating themselves out, being all Mom and Dad about the whole operation. The way Dom reassured Brian he wasn't going to be a bad dad. Brian rubbing Mia's stomach with that leer while Rome tried to figure out why she couldn't drink? That's probably one of my ten best moments of the franchise. All others are Dom and Brian's intense looks, the gravity line, and the way Brian nearly died in direct parallel to Letty. Who, as it turns out, is not dead either.

Can we talk about the weird inescapable polyamory vibe with Mia insisting Dom stay with them (it's like a less fucked up version of The Dreamers), driven home especially by that hugging scene at the very end? Everybody must hug. For a long time. While we all live together on the beach. rosekay and I were being really obnoxious in the theater during that whole thing. Okay, I was, and she had to tell me to stop laughing.

Also, Roman's stone face when he first met Dom. Ah, that meeting couldn't have gone more like fanon unless it threw in crazy car sex in dirty coveralls.

I fear that in the next film they might kill Mia and baby off to get Brian into the game. Or just Mia. We mustn't forget that TFATF has no problems killing off lovable characters. Hopefully the reappearance of Letty will be enough.rosekay coldly suggested that just the baby should die so that it wouldn't get in the way of the slash. But then you'd have a dead baby getting in the way of the slash. Also babies are cute. You shouldn't kill them. Annnnnd...if Mia did would make the slash more probable. In a really fucked up way. Because Dom would never step out on his sister, even with his one true wuv. And Brian and Dom would need comforting, obviously crazy monkey sex is the answer.

Also, also, also, now that Letty's back, what will Dom do with his new Brazilian girlfriend? Dump her? Because she'll understand how important Letty is? Or hey, maybe we could just expand the crazy polyamory thing. Everybody's happy. Well, that's not true. I wouldn't be happy.

When Dom first suggested stealing all of Reyez's money, I was actually like, "Hey, you're going to cause the entire financial collapse of Brazil!" But clearly that was only the beginning, because they went and destroyed half of Rio. I mean really guys, was that necessary? You can't tell me there was no civilian casualties with that giant safe flying around, taking out banks and poor unfortunates sitting outside along the route you're driving. That was worse than Batman let loose on Gotham.

Whatever. I laughed. People should write me porn.

And now, for the first time in months, I have music for you! I have to confess that I have a ridiculous love for Within Temptation. I don't know why or how, but sometimes I have to put them on and leap about my apartment like I'm a glorious knight chasing after stupid princes and defeating dragons. Pity the people who live below me.

The Unforgiving, 12 tracks, 85.3 MB
It's a concept album and there's a comic, along with three short films that go with the music. It's pretty cool, if you get a chance, check it out on youtube.

As for the music, it's just like them, and yet totally different. If it had been released in the 80s, especially the song "Sinead," it would've been just crazy anthemic hair rock. Also, I could probably get away with listening to this in public without people being like 'why are you listening to a song with crashing guitar, gregorian chants, and a woman singing about Judas Iscariot?' I think they must have gotten a different producer for this one.

And we couldn't end this without a little TMI.

So I was on Ortho-Lo and my breasts got exponentially larger. I went from a 32DD to a 32F in a month. I finally quit cold turkey, when my period started going on for far longer than seven days. Mostly because I wanted my old breasts back. I had a couple of ragey moments now that I'm not taking it, but I think it's for the best.

For those of you on birth control, do you have any recommendations for a pill that won't make my tits balloon up? I can't afford to buy bras in 32F, and anecdotal evidence or not, I think it's good to go into the doctor with some idea, because last time, she listed like eighty specific birth control pills and then was like AHAH, TAKE THIS ONE. And yeah, that worked out really well.

I'm on it to control my ridiculously heavy period and the cramps that leave me bed-ridden, so any suggestions would be excellent so that when the crimson wave comes around next month I won't be cursing my ill-luck.
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