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I surrender

Finished my I surrender meme. Finally. It was eating up my life.

Title: Sovereignty
Prompt: ghostrunner7 gave me: A soldier, a gangster, a person under a terrible oath, a healer, an alcoholic with dangerous passions, and an honorable woman. And the secret (or secret person/thing) they'd all kill to protect. NOT modern times.
Setting: Medieval fantasy world.
Opening Credit Song: "Starts With One (CLASSIXX remix)" by Shiny Toy Guns

The Soldier

“When you are a woman, to keep up is not enough, you must hit harder, move faster, run farther, for they will always seek ways to lay you low.”

Born to an eccentric highlander who married an Elrian woman for her families mines for his mineral poor lands. The Elrians train their daughters as well as their sons to fight. King’s custom dictates that the son and heir be sent to foster with the crown and be made into a knight. She was sent instead of her sickly younger brother, effectively naming her heir to her father’s lands. Her brother secretly plots to oust her. Stubborn and unyielding, she often appears humorless as a defense mechanism. Long an outsider because of her gender and mixed heritage, all it takes is one simple push to make her consider self-governance a viable option.

The Gangster

”I was just thinking to myself ‘I need a new accessory, make this outfit work like yours does, milord. Ah, I have it, a hang man’s noose!”

A con-man, card sharp, and cat burgler. Ranked high in the thieves’ hierarchy in the Moonlighter Quarter. Sorrel, a young boy he was looking out for, agreed to carry a message from a courtier and was murdered by the lord who received it, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Felix swears vengeance and falls into Briony’s rebellion, taking her seriously even when others wouldn’t. His street smarts and limitless supply of random skills constantly get them out of scrapes.

The Person Under A Terrible Oath

“I wish, as a child wishes, that I will wake up tomorrow, and this will not be my life. These won't be the choices set before me. And then I hate myself for the weakness..”

A second son. Mother was married off to a much older man she despised for his money and connections. Born with powerful supernatural abilities which are feared and despised in the kingdom. Mother blames his father’s “tainted blood” for the powers, and forces him to swear that he will never tell anybody about them so that he does not wreck his two brothers’ chances at court. Righteous albeit kind, with a strong sense of justice instilled in him by his late father. The most reluctant to act against the crown.

The Healer

”You can easily cleave my head from my shoulders with that great pointy sword of yours and you'll need to if you think you’re taking that sack of grain.”

Raised alone by his midwife mother, he was sent to the priest’s college in the royal city for an education, only to be quickly dissillusioned with the nepotistic and greedy order. Spent much time traveling and learning about medicine. Saved by Briony when he refuses to let a contingent of soldier’s requisition a nearly starving family’s last bit of food. Irascible, with a strong affinity for jam tarts.

The Alcoholic With Dangerous Passions

”Do you have a prick under those austere clothes? No matter, you wouldn’t know what to do with it anyhap.”

An insouciant rake and recently made Lord of Anathem. Notorious for his love of parties, wine, and women. Runs in the same circles as Gabe and loves to needle and tease him. Not really as shallow as everybody believes. Underneath his hedonistic exterior he hides a scholar’s mind and a fond love of books. Uses the outrageous behavior as a smokescreen for his homosexuality, an illegal practice in the kingdom. Long disgusted with the nobility and the practices of the crown. Suspects what Gabe is.

The Honorable Woman

”How you came to be alive remains a mystery. There is not a jot of common sense among you.”

Originally from the Decalescent Lands across the sea. Daughter of an extremely merchant who made his money in the kingdom. Her father was came to an unexpected end on a trade route. She suspects foul play. Extremely practical and forward thinking, she takes over her father’s business under the guidance of his steward. The bankroll for the gang’s insurrection. Slowly falling for Felix, despite her betrothal to a good man.

The Astrolabe

Thought to be a pretty bauble, but actually an old relic of the god’s that can open doors into the fabric of the very universe. Semi-sentient. Due to a comedy of errors, possibly the intervention of the astrolabe, all of our cast ends up in the same part of the city at the same time: Briony, on orders to intercept a chest being delivered to a blacksmith; Gabe and Flash, because everybody who’s everybody is at the autumnal games at the arena; Felix, to case a rich man’s manor; Lian, to visit a secret apothecary after the one he usually frequented is burned down; and Piper, trying to find information on the circumstances of her father’s death.

The astrolabe is inside the merchant’s chest, and when it is upended in a carriage accident put into motion when Lian refuses to let a lord take a sack of rice from a peasant boy, it spits the six into a cave system in the steppes, near Briony’s home. Realizing that it can never fall into the crown’s hands and that it can also be used to destabilize the realm, the six begin to foment a rebellion that will end either in needless bloodshed or victory.

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