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Teen Wolf: Yeah, I went there.

So I took a break from writing Charles as the bestest courtesan spy the world has ever known and his boyfriend Erik the warrior priest. I wasn't lying two days ago when I said I lost my mind. I'm quite serious. Because I finally gave in and watched Teen Wolf, and I love EVERY CRAPPY ASPECT OF IT.

This show has more in common with Big Wolf on Campus (another famously gay show) than Teen Wolf, but that's fine, because I actually hated the original teen wolf movies. Although this show had better be around when he's an Adult Wolf. That's how obsessed I am.

1. Tyler Posey. Tyler Fucking Posey. The adorable know-it-all from Maid in Manhattan. HOW DID HE GET THOSE PECTORAL MUSCLES? Born in 1991? Hot boys aren't supposed to be that young. EVER. Also, I want his mascara.

2. Colton Haynes. I had to pull out that icon just for him. Even though I actually like the canon het pairing I will still slash the shit out of this, because it has everything I desire in a pairing. Sports. Rivalry. Hot boys. Also Colton Haynes who has been in naughty, naughty photo shoots with other boys (Really, he should be a part of everybody's slash ship). Also, he is not criminally younger than me. Only like six months. And ten days. Not that I counted.

Just in case his slutty face didn't convince you in that icon.

And, and, and they have the most hilarious interaction where Jackson (Colton) thinks Scott (Tyler) is juicing and Scott just confesses everything to him in a mad rant and then has this moment of orgasmic relief right in Jackson's face while Jackson watches him non-plussed.

Forget everything. I have a new OTP.

3. THERE IS SO MUCH GAY IN THIS SHOW. MTV, I TAKE BACK EVERY BAD THING I EVER SAID ABOUT YOU. I mean seriously, Scott could be with Derek, or Jackson, or Stiles AND I WOULD BE HAPPY. Although he would have to promise to make out with Colton Haynes a lot. I guess if there's anything you can trust MTV to do is pack their crappy tv show full of really hot people.

Also when Scott tells his coach he's having personal issues, his coach's first response is to think he's gay and to try and set him up with their gay goalie. And then he goes on a diatribe about meth addicts. Which, as some of you know, I'm terrified of because they lose their teeth.

I close with this because it says so much more than words.

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