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Dear, dear me.

Let me start of by saying this: I love Canadians. You people are awesome. Your cab drivers are hilarious, your waiters are darling, your random passersby will give directions, your bookstore owners will chat about everything, your baristas will make me iced tea that isn't on the menu, your museum curators will undercharge us to save us money, your police officers step out of the way if you're walking towards them, your construction workers will allow us to go places we aren't allowed to get good views. Long story short, you rule.

I want only to be with Canadians for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, because your society is so nice and trusting, we poor Americans don't know what to do. Like the lack of signposting, and traffic direction. Why do you need street signs that make sense if you just trust everybody not to hit people? Now that I have walked, driven, been driven, bussed, trained, ferried, and flown through this place I am convinced the philosophy here is "Eh, you'll figure it out."

And that's great for you guys. But I think if I lived here I'd be constantly staving off a heart attack. So thanks for the memories, Vancouver, and the really, really awesome food, but I'll leave the rest for you.
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