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Better than Rex Manning Day!

Dear Yuletide author,

This is my first time participating in the challenge and I'm very excited. There is somebody else who shares my love for one of these tiny fandoms. That's a gift unto itself!

1. The Lost Boys - Sam/Michael

Obviously this movie is famous for being the most 'unintentionally' gay horror movie ever. Forget David and Michael, which, honestly I have never been interested in. Intentional my ass! Sam has a poster of Rob Lowe on his wall and wears a t-shirt that says 'Born to Shop.' Michael attempts to eat him while he's naked and in the bath! I think the reason I liked Sam/Dean in Supernatural was actually because of the similar archetype set up by these two brothers. I just want them in love, difficult and messy, angsty, hilarious, sweet, dubious consent or not, however you picture it.

2. L.A. Confidential, Bud White/Ed Exley

I have read astolat's fics about this pairing so many times I've worn holes in it. If you're getting the idea at this point that I'm not terribly picky you'd be right. Although I would die for some shameless porn. I don't know why, but I think Guy Pearce is sex with glasses and a very sharp suit on, and I don't even like him usually! While I think the ending of the movie has a certain poetry that I wouldn't want to destroy, I've always been left a little unsatisfied by it. I would love them to continue their partnership, moving onwards and upwards, having adventures, learning to be a functioning unit, rather than the two dysfunctional cops they are apart. If Jack Vincennes is around, still being a wiseass, well then hey, the more the merrier!

3. Revenge, Emily/Nolan

Wow, okay. This pairing. Emily just has a wealth of awesome men to choose from. Even before Nolan revealed himself to be a badass sexually nebulous genius, I really enjoyed his devotion to Emily, however haplessly he stumbles through it. AND THEN that interaction on the street with Tyler, where you realize the haplessness is a facade. Hoo. Basically what this comes down to is that I would love epic unintentional h/c where Nolan gives Emily the best orgasms of her life. Yup.

All of that aside, if you have awesome high concept crazy AU ideas for any of these, I will take it. I'm kind of shameless!

A few caveats, mostly in regards to any possible smut:
-I find toys and props laughable and totally unsexy during sex
-Not a fan of pain, scat, or animal play.
-I really, really don't like established relationship. If it's not a canon-pairing, and none of these are (yet?), it kind of a cheat. I want to know how they got together--even if it's a crazy unexpected one night-stand completely devoid of romance.

Other than that, have at it! And thank you, so, so much.
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