the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Ahh it's good to be back here ruminating on tv shows

Well, Liam is not as attractive as Andy by half, which makes me sad that they cast him because of the resemblance he had with Andy. "Here is this pale imitation who sort of looks like Andy, the chest muscles aren't as nice and forget the eyes, don't you like?"

BUT, all bitching aside, he's got a certain charm about him, especially in the scenes with Mira. Also, with his two stooges. Unfortunately less believably tortured.

"You had me at whores." Ahahah, I don't know why I find that quote so amusing.

Also, methinks Illythia's baby is Spartacus's. How will this come into play? She's so much more palatable when she isn't doing her smug giggling. I'm wondering if Lucretia is going to have a sudden evil madwoman turn around later. That moment with the baby was pretty fucking creepy, even if she's completely out of her head and harmless seeming.

I'm having some trouble with the series on a historical front, not something I had to worry about before, because not a whole lot was known pre-Ludus massacre. BUT, Crixus dealt a near crippling blow to the revolt in the third servile war because he wanted to keep looting the country side and taking whatever they came across, when Spartacus was just trying to get the slaves back to their homes (according to Plutarch). So I'm not sure what this whole "reason" thing from him is about, because he was no military genius. It appears that the show is going with Appian's view that Spartacus intended to march on Rome. I guess I can only hold my breath.

Obviously I didn't figure out that Doctore was Oenomaus (the Oenomaus) until Gods of the Arena, because they never used his name. At the time I thought that was a really interesting decision. Now I have no idea how they're going to get him back into the fold.

As usual Aurelia has absolutely no perspective on the matter. 'I know Varro killed himself so you would live, but that's all your fault, you evil terrible bad man.' Both she and her husband sold themselves into slavery. And she's like, "This is not where I parked my car."
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