the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Am I going to have to do a Primer for this fandom?

I honestly don't understand why more people aren't slashing John Reese and Harold Finch from Person of Interest. Only 47 stories on Archive of our Own? Am I going to have to make this happen all by myself?

I started watching this show because I found out Jonathan Nolan was the executive producer and I was like WAIT A MOMENT, AWESOME! I certainly wasn't looking for a new slash pairing, but now I'm sad that nobody else is feeling the Finch/Reese love. Although tumblr tells me the pairing is called Rinch. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, FANDOM?

The show has surprising moments of levity. I don't know why I didn't expect that! I mean, I nearly busted a rib laughing in Episode 11 when Harold attacked Morris with the thumb jab Reese taught him. Then Trask went after Morris and after Morris stabs him, you see this crutch flying into the frame. It was like the three stooges decided to become crime fighters.

And Harold and Reese are both so badass in their own way. IDK. I love this show guys. I've mainlined ten episodes in three days.

But unfortunately, in other tv news, things I am not so happy about:

Obviously Illythia is back to her scheming ways, but I honestly thought it was really fucking pathetic that she immediately decided she wanted Glaber back when she had incontrovertible proof he was a horrible bastard.

Unless she's playing some long game, I'm really disappointed. It's funny, because last season I HATED her. She was so annoying with her giggling and smirking. But now I really love her and this new turn of events just seems improbable and sad.

ALSO, by the time Glaber besieged the rebels on Mt. Vesuvius, Spartacus had an army of about 120,000 men and women. Maybe that'll come next season when they're fighting Publicola. It seems like they're going for a one-more-inept-Roman-general a season. Which...suggests that if the show lasts long enough to get to Crassus, we're all going to have to cry a lot.

AND HOLY HELL, all we get from Agron and Nasir is chaste kissing and some innuendo? That is so fucking weak!

This was also the first episode where I really, really missed Andy.
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