the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Whirlwind Update!

My attempts to be more current on this thing have completely failed. And I really hate bulleting things out, but alas, alack, that's kind of my life lately.

So, update number one, I'm working as a personal assistant again. It is challenging and crazy, and in between the murk of dropping off YSL wedding dresses and helping him choose $540 bespoke shoes, there is a legitimate job in here. Even if I'm getting paid dirt.

Next, went to a PBR event with drvsilla this weekend for her birthday up at the Mohegan Sun. That casino is legit crazy and filled to the brim with the Jersey Guido type, as even the announcers at the event saw fit to comment on. BUT, in spite of the complete and utter alienness of pretty much every aspect of the whole thing, I really enjoyed myself. Probably because I am shallowness incarnate and hot men were involved.

In the interim, I've been trying and failing so hard to get into the Borgia's. Probably because the only character I like is Jeremy Irons himself. Well, and Alphonso I of Naples. But he doesn't look like he'll be hanging around all that much. Essentially, I think the season is destined to languish on my harddrive. I don't know, TELL ME IT GETS BETTER?

Right and then there's Mad Men, NEEDS MORE LANE! Also, my ambivalence about Don's roller coaster ride of supposed domestic bliss is edging into antipathy.

On the positive, Roger, probably always my favorite character, just for his louche and unsympathetic commitment to debauchery, as far as I can tell, is having a really great arc this season. And, sidebar, I loved him so much with Sally Draper at the American Cancer Association party. My devotion to Joan has extended to include Ken Cosgrove, but Pete Cambell and Don could both be hit by a bus at this point, and I doubt I would notice their absence. DO BETTER, MAD MEN.

And on a final tv note, I don't care if USA is up to their knees in pandering to the fangirl, BECAUSE THAT IS GOING TO BE ONE HOT PAIRING. I mean come on, I think we deserve pandering, since shows like 24 and to some extent, Lost, were definitely catered to the fanboy. Obviously it could wind up being a complete narcissistic and offensive disaster, but until it becomes clear that it's a flaming car wreck, I'm hotly anticipating it.

Although my job has made progress a little slower than I would usually like, I have started working on the stories that people bid on me for. Sorry, it's been five months, but I want you to know, you've been at the back of my mind since December, I was just so caught up in applying to jobs and roommate drama it was a little difficult.

Which, on the same train of thought, I'm dwelling in a fandom nebulousness, because while I want to be really fannish and excited about Person of Interest, nobody else wants to be fannish with me. Nobody will play Dodgeball with me guys, I'll just have to hangout on the swings by myself! So, I don't know, any fic recs? A03 is failing me. I'll read pretty much anything, because there is a dirty polyamorous part of my heart that's open to all kinds of things.
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