the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist


In my lj-posting laxity, I realize I don't really remember what's happened to me or when it happened. That or I'm suffering from extremely onset Dementia, which...considering things lately, is not beyond the realm of possibility.

1. Funny story - I have a job, running the back office of the bar I always get drunk in. How did I get this job? By being drunk and adorable. No really.

2. Pro-tip: Book clubs don't suck if you have your meetings at the only gig in town that makes 4 dollar frozen margaritas.

3. BBC Copper is starting to lose me.
Annie rescuing herself was awesome, her continued insistance on trying to have a sexual relationship with Kevin? It's gone into the realm of nauseating. I don't know if this is there form of realism or what, but in this instance it's just uncomfortable.

4. I have - in the past week - bought 4 different things in the shade of Oxblood. I try not to fall for color trends, I try not to fall for trends in general, although my roommate did have to talk me down from buying velvet leggings, a hard ledge to climb off of, (in Burgundy, as crazy oxblood lovers do), BUT BURGUNDY IS THE BESTEST. AND, it will still go with my hair when I decide I no longer want to be blonde (I'm not sure this will ever happen, but at least I will be prepared).

5. In more tv show news: I am watching Vegas for Jason O'Mara - my summation? Needs more Jason O'Mara. I still have to watch the pilot for Chicago Fire, which I am only watching because it looks like softcore porn.

6. The only way I'm fannish right now is imagining a happily ever after Ben/Sammy universe where they're raising Nate together, or dirty dirty Captain Stacy(Dennis Leary)/Peter Parker porn. I even like Gwen and still want disturbing porn. SIGH. Why must my brain make this so fucking difficult?
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