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Dear Yuletide Author...

First of all, thank you so much for writing me a story and I'm sorry for taking so long to get this yuletide letter up. What I'm asking for below is mostly just guidelines, because at the end of it all, I want this story to be your own. If anything I'm asking for seems too difficult for you to have fun with, then please don't worry about it, and I will be happy about whatever you come up with.

1. Anno Dracula by Kim Newman

While admittedly I would've loved to have been able to request a Hound of the D'urbervilles story, Anno Dracula, suits me just fine. Honestly, I just want more. More of the environment, more of the humor, more Mycroft. I would really love the story to be from Genevieve's point of view, in The Bloody Red Baron she only gets a passing mention, as does Mycroft's death, meanwhile Charles is off being a hot oldster - and yet Genevieve's influence and role in his life is still so apparent. Anything elaborating on that would be lovely. 

I'm pretty easy on this one - although I admit crazy porn probably wouldn't fit the vibe for me. But if that's how you feel it go for it. Also if Moran is around making an ass of himself, I certainly wouldn't mind, but obviously, that's just a cherry on top. 

2. Haven, Audrey/Nathan

I am not ot3, I wish I was, because that would make my life easier, now that Audrey and Duke are getting closer and Nathan is off being...Nathan with someone else. That saying, I'm not opposed to some kind of mention of it. Ultimately I just want (NEED) Audrey and Nathan to be together, having awesome sex (the nature of Nathan's trouble and all that), killing it on cases, being angsty and sad and funny at the same time and doing the things they do. I am good with anything except for fluff and AU. 

I am super shit at prompting, as you're probably beginning to notice with this read through, but seeing as Audrey has been so many people and so little about her is understood, except for the fact that there's going to be something different about this go around, because this go around is the one the tv show is about. I guess the importance of Nathan's existence in this go around and what that means for Audrey would be an interesting path to take if you're searching for ideas. 

3. Green Rider, Karigan/Zachary

Okay for this one, I'm not kidding, I would kind of love crazy porn. I mean these two people have been pining for each other for forever, Mapstone has been cockblocking them at every turn, as has the fact that Zachary's a king and Karigan is a commoner. Also, Kristen Britain is totally evil and won't tell us if she's even going to let them end up together. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder why I continue to read this when I'm so continually thwarted. 

So yes, awesome first time sex would be right on the money for me. That said, anything about how they can manage to make their relationship work with the situation they're in and I don't mean Karigan playing King's mistress, would be really awesome. Probably because Karigan as queen would be kind of boss. 

4. Red (2010 movie)

I would love love love love love love love LOVE a story of Sarah Ross being trained into an operative by her little band of REDs. Or even a badass merc. The only thing I have to say about this that I definitively do not want: angst is not allowed. Please escort it off the premises and tell it kindly to never return.  

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