the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

The wonderfullest time of the year

So I don't know how many of you read this these days, perhaps you're all off on tumblr, posting really cool images and gifs. That's okay, that's mostly me too. (You can find me at stolenbytigers, if we aren't already tumblr bff).

Anyway, it's that time again, that time when I make you all give me your address so I can write you some fics in Christmas cards. I know I failed at this last year rather spectacularly due to the somewhat untimely death of my Grandfather two days before the holiday, but this year, I am determined to be better! And also not freezing my fingers off in the Netherlands, which should make it easier to send the card off.

I WILL WRITE YOU ALMOST ANYTHING. You know that, but if you aren't sure, please just ask. I am a big fan of small fandoms for these things, so Bruce/Dick from Batman, Sammy/Ben from Southland, Marcus/Esca, Emily/Nolan, Tim/Raylan (for realzies this year), Wes/Travis, my Micke/Grant crossover (or Stark/Alex, I am always good with that), The Lost Boys' Sam/Michael, Dom/Brian, Exley/White from LA Confidential, Reese/Finch from Person of Interest, and Holmes/Watson from the RDJ films, but also from Elementary.

And of course the big ones...Generation Kill, Inception, XMFC...I think those are the only major fandoms I still write in? Anway, leave me your address, a pairing, and a (short) prompt.

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Tags: christmas snippets, fics, hit me up yo
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