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Whoa, Steven Colbert stuck it to the man!

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Mr. Di Giacomo was absent today in Cold War so we got this lunatic from FIDM telling us about the FASHION of the first families. Which meant we went through 43 fucking families! Ugh terrible. I swear she was making it up as she went along. She got to the ONE picture of anything related to cold war, skipped over it and said, "Ooops, how did that get in there!".

She kept asking us all these trivia questions and I was the only one who knew. So she called me the "Presidential Whiz Kid", I'm still shuddering over that.

Physics was boring enough for me to fall asleep sitting straight up. That has NEVER happened. However this was a hilarious little snatchet from the beginning.

Mr Bloom: I have a date, but no time.
Tal: Wait, you have a date to your own wedding?
Mr Bloom: Yes, I think I know who I will bring.
Tal: To your own wedding. What?

Steven Colbert is my new hero. He was always hilarious but MAN he has got guts. Wanna see him slam Georgey in Georgey's very presence? I think you do.

Part 1
Part 2

Enjoy lovies.

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