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I don't think she can DO that!

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The Adventures of the Demon Art Teacher continues. She handed out a "revised" syllabus today. 25% of our grade is now dependent upon us "being resillient to [her] criticism" of us and "refraining" from criticising her.

When Carolyn went in to talk to her about how some of her comments in class are hurtful, the demon said "I'm not going to listen to anymore of your criticism, I think you need therapy, because you're projecting your issues on me."

Can you do that? Can you hand out new course guidelines with only one month left? It should also be noted that Ms. Demon's percentage breakdown of our grade does not add up to 100, but in fact 165%. Well, I suppose that's why she teaches art! Christ though, she now has a built in clause to dock all of our grades even though she's abusive to us.


You know you have a cool therapist when you crack out the DSM-IV and start trying to figure out what disorders you have. I really wanted to be classified as a Narcissist. One of the symptons was "Patient thinks they are special". Hah, that cracks me up. Stupid crazy manual. That thing is a piece of shit.

to whom it may concern . . .I actually understand what's going on in physics.

Tags: a-ha, dsm-iv
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