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Kept forgetting to actually upload these pictures . . .

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Excellent news. has decided to award me a free subscription for a month simply because my charts are taking a little longer to update than they should.I'm not sure what exactly to do with my knew subscription powers. I now have a little blue icon next to my name though instead of a grey one. That's an improvement, at least.

Also, The Prophecy is one fuckin' weird movie. For somebody who grew up in a Catholic household part of the time, I do think they should go back and look at their scriptures a bit better. I don't think the writer had a clue about what he was talking about. But hey, Viggo Mortenson played Lucifer. And hell, he made a sexy Lucifer. Now I see where Peter Jackson got the idea for Aragorn's hair.

The roses that I have nursed for the last four years. Just before I go off to college they finally decide to grow healthy and bloom all over the place.

Another one of my fabulous roses.

The painting I did as a final assignment for both art and English.

Well, I can sort of see the resemblance to Christian Bale. I'm thinkin' however that Dr. Agramonte, the vet, is snorting some of that catnip.

Hey, he's still cute!

He doesn't ordinarily look so haughty. Mostly just dopey.

Linda you asked to see something around my house, so here's one of my bookshelves. I have two, and then a stack of books on the floor. I wish I could take them all to college.

And because I said to Christine that if she showed me her favorite shoe, I'd show her mine I have posted this one.

To whom it may concern . . .I'm off to go watch some more Firefly. I've been looking forward to it all week.

Tags: firefly,, the prophecy, viggo mortenson
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