the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

And so that chapter in my life comes to a close . . .

[ mood | dreary and unmotivated ]
[ music | Sister Christian-Night Ranger ]

Hey, I don't think I failed the first part of the physics final. Just REALLY really bombed it. I wish I could bring myself to care. Mr. Struckmeyer thinks I could dance on my head rather than go to classes and my admission wouldn't be revoked, I, however, am not so sure.

Soccer season is over. Thank god. Couldn't put up with that any more. Uh-uh. I saw X-Men III while on the Davis Tournament, and I was a little miffed by it. If you actually read the X-Men comics, which, I assure you, I do it was definitely disappointing. However, that aside, the affects were fucking awesome. And hah, I love the person who decided to cast Ben Foster as Arch-Angel, even if he had a total of three lines.

10. The damn mosquitoes. California is dry heat, hence the absense of those blood-suckers.

9. I won't be able to go rollerblading or biking late at night. New Haven has a very high petty crime rate. I shall instead be stuck to pacing my room as I drive my roommates nuts!

8. The majority of my friends are going to school in California.

7. I won't be able to go to my favorite cafe, Cafe Brioche, when I want a croque monsier or to talk to the adorable French waiters.

6. The fresh produce will all have been shipped from California and will therefore no longer be very good. It's good to be in the breadbasket of the nation sometimes. Strawberries are going to be the equivalent of potatoes.

5. The highway patrol in Connecticut actually gives a damn about the speed limit. Everybody drives 60 and some of the larger interstates are only two lanes.

4. I won't be able to get Honest Tea at every grocery store I go to. Just that stupid gourmet shop that's REALLY expensive.

3. At every public restroom in California there are seat covers. The east coast does not find this as large as a priority as I do.

2. I'm leaving my kitty behind. I'm afraid he won't remember me when I come back.

1. The weather in Connecticut sucks. I'm probably going to commit suicide two weeks into November. Either that or I will have to become heavily medicated.

to whom it may concern . . .the upshot of the davis tournament was that I bought America (The Book) for a mere $14, when they were charging $30 for it here. Also, I'm starting to see the slashiness of firefly. Although nobody told me how slashy Powder was. Nobody told me Jeff Goldblum was going to feel Sean Patrick Flanery up!

Tags: ben foster, california, firefly, jeff goldblum, powder, sean patrick flanery, x-men 3
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