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Sleeping? That is so not necessary. Watching MTV at 2am is perfectly restful!

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The wedding went off without a hitch. Although I'm a little surprised that it took them nearly two years to plan it. It was a fairly small simple affair. Nice but simple. It did run a bit long though, although the excellent dinner more than made up for that. Mom and I were supposed to go to Utrecht the day after, but both of us slept till 1 PM. Which for me isn't such an amazing feat, but for my mother to commit such a folly, well I just don't know what to say.

Anyway, we went to downtown Amersfoort instead. It hasn't changed much since the last time I was there. Lots of restaurants and cute boutiques. I will admit that Amersfoort, this dinky little town (actually it's not that small), has a bloody H+M and we have like 25 in the entire United States! Criminal, I tell you.

Yesterday my entire family (well excepting one Uncle, because his children had school) turned out to go biking in Veluwe which is home to both the Van Gogh museum (you have to bike to get there, maybe American's should do the same thing, force 'em to bike to Great America and they might not be so obese) and the biggest tree in the world (by diameter). It's a traditional, after wedding, outing--we went after Michiel and Dana married too.

Of course, my family, being the crazy people that we are, stop to have lunch and start throwing pinecones at each other. I think the only one who wasn't lobbing them about was my cousin Emily and even she was helping Jan Kees gather ammunition.

My cousin Charlotte and my oma sitting together before the descent into madness began





I'm worrying about my kitty a little.

He's locked in the house for two weeks. Oh well, at least he has Flo for company. I'm just sad that she's going to Ashland, because I trust her a hell of a lot more than that other person who's going to feed him. Hear that Flo? I trust you with my life. So don't lose it.

to whom it may concern . . .watched Netherlands vs. Argentina on Wednesday. NL didn't play up to snuff. I like to say that's because my favorite player Arjen Robben wasn't in (check out my layout if you don't know who that is), but pulling Van Nistelrooij out and replacing him with Babel probably helped. God, Babel sat on the bleeding ball! Who does that? WHO?

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