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Good Lord, those aren't dutchmen those are . . .er . . .angry people!

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Last night's game sucked. Here in Amersfoort there was a huge lightning storm before and after the game. Like the weather understood our mood. The Netherlands played some beautiful soccer last night. They had 29 shots on goal, to Portugal's 9 and had possession of the ball 63% of the time. Granted Portugal actually managed to get one of those 9 in. I'm not saying the dutch didn't do some unethical things. Boularhouz's foul on Christiano Ronaldo was bad. However, I still can't get over some of what the Portuguese did to the Dutch.

-I forget who it was exactly but one of the times Robben had a shot on goal a portuguese player actually kicked him in the chest. He had a footprint right over his heart actually.
-Figo and Cavalho both got all up in Ooijer's face and then pinched his nipple. Hah!
-Deco picked up the ball midmatch, causing calm collected absolute teddybear Cocu to actually grab him around the waist and throw him.
-God knows how many times Van Bommel, Matheijsen, and Kuyt got fouled. I'm amazed they could still walk.
-Sneijder got so mad over the foul on one dutch player and the fact that the portuguese were yelling at the player they fouled that he ran up and shoved him.
-Ricardo, the portuguese keeper, did something that resulted in a card, and he wasn't anywhere near the goal.
-the benched players on the sidelines started fighting with each other, causing Van Der Sar, the dutch keeper and captain to throw a ball at one of the portuguese players.


On a different note, I went to Utrecht on Saturday. My mom showed me where she went to University and the apartment she lived in. She was very lucky, it was a nice house.

There was a wedding of a very young couple taking place along the canal, and they were adorable. I thought this was noteworthy, because one of the groomsmen was sitting in another groomsmen's lap while they tried to get everything sorted out. Like it weren't no thang! Because all dutch people are beautiful (or at least 89.9% of them), the wedding party was a little blinding. I clearly was not able to reap the benefits of my dutchness!

to whom it may concern . . .I was wrong, eating good Greek food before the match was not a suitable comfort. At all.

Tags: arjen robben, ooijer, portugal vs. netherlands, utrecht, weddings, world cup
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