the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
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Back on the wire . . .

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Several new developments. I'm sure they'll interest you all. Finally, it has been made impossible for me to ignore not having a form of instant messaging, so I have gone and secured trillian. So, if you have AIM (which I despise) I shall be able to talk to you. If you have Yahoo, well then I've always been able to talk to you, and if you have MSN, I shall also be able to talk to you.

Yahoo: thee_childlike_empress
MSN/AIM: Audaxregina

Come bug me if you like.

Furthermore, my mother, it appears, will not be moving to San Francisco. Which makes my life easier at the same time it makes it more difficult. On the one hand I will continue to have a home to come to (I don't even want to consider my dad's as such), on the other my mom has gone abso-fucking-lutely nuts. Anything sets her off at the moment.

Like today. Thankfully, Flo was there and we went on picnic at Bol park to escape her. Much hilarity and chucking about of m & ms and cheddar bunnies ensued. But now that that's over I'm left with a slight stomach ache from the candy, broken sunglasses, and a menopausal mom.


to whom it may concern . . .I just bought season one of firefly. Slashy stories here I come. Speaking of slash, I sort of already knew that Jared and Jensen was NEVER going to happen on ALG, but now my hopes have been reduced to a pile of smoldering ash. In the words of Cartman, Stan, and Kyle: "Goddamn it!"

He was so cute as a teen-ager. Plus, I love that outfit. Okay, now I admit it, I adore that outfit. Hey, I just bought something like that outfit for an obscene amount of money recently. Any surprise that he looks better in it? *Sigh*

Tags: a looking glass, christian bale, instant messaging, j2, smoldering ash, southpark
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