the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Misadventures with Food

[ mood | there's a storm on, I'm wonderful ]
[ music | An Poc Ar Buile-Gaelic Storm ]

Yesterday I managed to drink a retaurant out of Iced tea, which being the iced tea fiend that I am really is quite a feat. That is to say, I am proud of myself. I'm not quite sure the rest of you will see it as a great accomplishment.

Today, Colleen, Aidan, and I were stuck with a huge freakin' bar of Scharffen Berger (Flo, you should be proud) and no way to break off a piece so we, being the geniuses that we are, used a ten pound weight and a table. It worked, although the chocolate was rather the worse for the wear. I blame the influence of Firefly--it was playing on the TV at the time.

Finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2, I was slightly disappointed, but hey I was quite pleased to see that back shot of Orlando Bloom. Shoulder blades just get me. God knows why.

Unfortunately I don't have any shots of his back. Damn it. DAMN IT!!!!

to whom it may concern . . .Can you believe it? I'm actually writing Chapter Four of "Nobody But You"?

Tags: christian bale, firefly, iced tea, orlando bloom, pirates of the caribbean 2, scharffen berger
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