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"you're thin enough! You're beautiful enough!"

I obviously didn't say that, but I think it's true. I may want to lose weight, but it's only so I can fit into my favorite jeans again. Hah. Chicago has been great: listening to music, dancing around, having fun.

Igot my SAT scores. I did really well in reading: 750, not so well anywhere else though. I can't believe I did as badly as I did on my writing. I mean for crying out loud, I thought I had that nailed. So much for writing tutors. I guess it isn't enough. Oh well, I'll take it again. Somebody told me that you can take the best score in each section and put them together? Is that true, I'd always thought otherwise. I'm going to be really happy if that turns out to be true, and I'm also going to feel a little dumb because I didn't know that.

Rally planning has not been going so well, Happy Donuts hasn't gotten back, and Krispy Kreme said to talk to them on Monday when their General Manager is in. I guess will have to get the club to bring submissions. I'll probably end up paying for a load of food. REMEMBER! Rally on Wednesday for measure A, which if it doesn't pass only means you screw yourself. We must defeat apathy boys and girls.

Anyway, I've made so many great icons for my LJ but I still can't use them because I can't upload them on my computer. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, it's getting bloody rediculous. Obviously my LJ isn't the only thing affected by my lack of uploading powers, which just makes it all the worse. Cry for me Argentina, or just send me a good computer geek to figure out my problem.

to whom it may concern . . .here's to cranberry hard lemonade

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