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The Beginning of the End, or the End of the Beginning (whatever suits)

So school ended on Thursday. Colleen and I went to Dinner and then she slept over. That was nice. Goblin finally got better the next morning and turned into a complete maniac (I really mean that). At 10 O' Clock on Friday we left for the beach in Santa Cruz, we being Maddie, Florence, Yasmin and I. That was awesome, at first it looked like it was gonna suck because Flo was a little unhappy (not without good reason) and it was a foggy as it possibly could be. But the sun came out and we actually swam. Yasmin was the first to expose herself (and the only one as it turned out), her bikini was ripped off by a passing wave. Gave those weirdo boys on boogie boards an eyefull.

To whom it may concern . . .Ugh, weirdo sunburns suck!
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