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Don't chew Razzles while you look at this, it does spooky things to your brain

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So I was having kind of a crappy day. Not crappy really, just a moody one. You all know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I went and studied for two hours in the classics library and then thought I was fully deserving of a treat, so I went to News Haven. Guess what I found!

He's cut his hair, bitches! Thank you god! Anyway, I'm sorry I don't have better pictures. I didn't bring my scanner with me, so you little girlies are stuck with the lens flare. The boys on the first floor have one though, so maybe I'll talk them into letting me use it. Especially since there are so many shiny special pictures of him in pinstripes. Oooh, *fans self*.

Anyway, I should like to mention that in the accompanying interview he talks about how Tove took him to Vegas when he was 18, by themselves; when he was asked why there was so much speculation about his sexuality he said, "To be honest, I think it's because I encourage it."

Then, when asked whether he was gay, straight, or bisexual he said, "The people I actually relate to know what I am. I think eventually people will clue in because there's less I will be able to keep private, but I've been pretty good at it so far . . .so if people want to speculate that I'm gay, let them. I enjoy it."

I remember Darren Hayes saying something to this effect in 1998 or so in an interview and he just married a man. Maybe, just maybe there's still hope that Hayden will run off with Ewan.

AHHHH! This is such a funny interview. I always fall more in love with movie stars when they actually have brains in their heads (See Christian Bale and Wentworth Miller).

to whom it may concern . . .I'm walking on sunshine, OOOOH!

Tags: christian bale, darren hayes, hayden christensen, pinstripe, wentworth miller
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