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Title: Sweet Talk
Disclaimer: Never happened, how would I even know if it did? I'm not that crazy of a fangirl!
Summary: The boys take a trip out to a lake to get some R&R, but end up getting more than they'd bargained for.
Pairing: J-squared
Chapters: 1/1
Genre: silliness, PWP
Rating: R/nc-17, depends on who you ask, I imagine.
Acknowledgements: thank you, yet again, whimsicalwonder, there are days that I don't know what I'd do without you.
Notes: I don't know why I have such a water kink! I really don't.

They were having a hot spell in Vancouver (which in turn meant that hell must have frozen over, or the more likely alternative, that Al Gore wasn’t kidding about that whole global warming thing) and Tom had come up with brilliant idea to go swimming and fishing. A cooler filled with beer, a lake filled with fish, a campsite filled with absolutely nobody at all—heaven, he’d argued to them one night at a bar. And if it was not, in fact, heaven (because heaven to some people looked a little more like Hawaii or some other tropical clime), it had sounded pretty damn good.

Rosenbaum had acquiesced with a gleam in his eyes that spelled mischief and Jared and Jensen had clearly misplaced their minds that day when they’d agreed to come along. Jared had been mildly aware the minute he climbed shot-gun into the car that the trip spelled nothing but trouble.

They arrived just after lunch, Jared was glad when they pulled to a stop because Mike had been threatening a full rendition of Henry VIII. Jared stepped out of the car and caught his breath. Alice Lake Park was beautiful, no doubting that—the water was smooth and reflective and the views were pretty spectacular. However, the one nifty little tidbit that Tom had failed to mention was that all four lakes were snow run-off from the surrounding mountains.

There was absolutely no way Jared was getting in that water. He was rather fond of all his appendages and had no desire to see them fall off. He didn’t care how hot and sweaty and gross he was; he had a pretty good idea that the freezing water was not the solution to his current temperature-related discomfort. He shook his head, told the others no way, and tugged the cooler out to get himself a beer.

“Come on, Padalecki darling, you’re not scared of some harmless water?” Rosenbaum teased as he stripped off his t-shirt and shorts to reveal a very loud and eccentrically printed bathing suit. Jared thought the person who'd made the suit had probably become blinded in the process.

“Have you any idea of how cold that water is going to be?” he replied, gesturing to the expanse of lake in front of him. Jensen snorted at him, and started undressing as well.

“That’s kinda the point!” Tom responded, throwing his sunscreen bottle at Jared.

Jared caught the bottle before it brained him. “Dude, don’t throw shit at me!”

Tom laughed. “I was just going to ask you to do my back!” He gestured to the broad expanse of sun-kissed skin that had millions of girls world-wide hounding him wherever he went.

“No!” Jared threw the sunscreen back. It smacked Tom hard on that same wonderful skin. He winced and gave Jared the finger.

“Bet you’d do Jensen’s back,” Mike added, with a not-so-surreptitious wink in Jared’s direction. He smoothed sunscreen over his bald head. Jensen ducked his head and grinned, tongue poking out past his teeth.

Jared felt his heart rise into his throat. He blinked and swallowed, retorting sharply a second too late, “Because Jensen doesn’t smell!”

“Oh, I smell do I?” Tom chucked his sweat damp t-shirt at Jared. “Take that, bitch!”

Jared plucked the offending object off his face and tossed it to the side, gagging as he did. “Well, whatever, I’m not getting in that water.”

The guys laughed and rolled their eyes.

“Fine, Jared, you can lie here and tan like a little princess.” Jensen looked over his shoulder at Jared and smirked. “So, man, since you offered, can you do my back?”

Jared muttered under his breath. He always did manage to engineer himself into these situations. Now he was going to have to rub sunblock onto all that smoothed freckled skin while Jensen stood their oblivious, probably thinking about his latest hook-up.

“Oh, how he suffers so, having to touch Jensen Ackles’ back! The horror, the horror!” Rosenbaum chuckled, mistaking his silence for unwilligness rather than too much willingness.

“Dude, shut up.” Jensen glared at Michael. Jared shook his head and accepted the sunscreen from Tom. If it had just been him and Jensen he could imagine this trip going infinitely better. Not to mention if he perved on Jensen, nobody would be there to see it. God knew that Jensen was completely clueless to Jared's interest. Unfortunately, the self-styled class clown (more like big freakin’ idiot) and Wonder Boy were along for the ride.

Tom and Mike ran screaming off into the water like banshees leaving Jensen and Jared on the shore. Jared was pouring a generous dollop of sunscreen in his hand when he heard Tom practically scream about how cold it was.

Jared huffed out a breath and rolled his eyes. “Why do they never listen?”

“Uh, ‘cause it’s you?” Jensen shot back and then rolled his shoulders, drawing Jared’s eyes to the powerful muscles that moved under his skin. Jared closed his eyes and inhaled slightly. He should never have agreed to do this, especially considering he got all kinds of riled up if Jensen’s knee so much as touched his when they sat next to each other in a bar.

“Quiet, you!” Jared slapped Jensen over his shoulder blades with two sun-screen slick palms.

“Oww! Don’t be a bitch!” Jensen nearly whined, Jared rolled his eyes, and began to knead sunscreen into his friend’s back. “Oh my god right there,” Jensen nearly moaned, tensing and then relaxing under Jared’s fingertips.

“What is this? A massage parlor?” Jared asked as he ran his fingers down Jensen’s back and tried not to think about how sexy that almost-moan was.

“Mmm, knew those big hands had to be good for something!” Jensen sighed quietly when Jared’s fingertips pressed into another knot in his shoulders.

“Shut up, dude!” Jared slid his hands around to tickle lightly at Jensen’s sides, which elicited a startled gasp from Jensen. "You're creeping me out."

Jensen chuckled low in his throat. Jared felt it in his gut. He swiftly finished lathering Jensen up and then stepped back and away, before he did something crazy like spinning Jen around and taking him over the picnic bench three feet to the left.

“Come on, Jared, you have to get in the water,” Jensen implored as he looked out over the breath-taking lake.

Jared considered Jensen and the water for a second, but then Tom shouted so loudly it echoed around the lake, “Jesus, I think my balls are going to fall off!”

He looked at Jensen pointedly. “That would be your answer!”

“Oh, please. It can’t be that cold, not even for a Texas boy!” Jensen laughed, thumping Jared's back.

“Hah, it so can!” Jared answered lamely, looking over at Tom and Mike who were hopping about in the water like they were possessed.

“You are such a pussy! Get in the fucking water!” Jensen nudged him with his shoulder as he rubbed sun screen on his chest.

“Or you’ll what?” Jared spread his arms and looked at Jensen, eyebrows raised. “You think you can take me, Jen.” Jensen's eyes widened and Jared felt himself color across the bridge of his nose. Yeah, that had totally sounded that bad.

Jensen shook his head and changed the subject, “Dude, you may be one freakishly large mother fucker, but that don’t mean I can’t take you!”

And Jared wanted to give himself a high-five. He had actually gotten ‘I have iron-control over my vernacular’ Jensen to slip back into some Texas talk. Really, it was far too simple, all he had to do was pour sunscreen on him, poke him a few times, and then refuse to do something. Hah, Jared was so going to use this tactic on set. He didn’t care what the director of the week thought when he whipped out the bottle of copper tone.

Jared sighed again, looking heavenward in an exaggerated manor. “You can try—umph!” Jared was interrupted by Jensen’s shoulder connecting with his gut and the two of them falling back on the sand with an audible thump.

Jared took a second to meditate on the fact that Jensen sealed to him like he’d rolled in glue first, and then, after he’d gotten his brain back, mere seconds before Jensen could proclaim his triumph at having bested Jared, he hooked a leg over Jensen’s calf and flipped them over again.

“Now what, dude?” Jared asked mockingly, as he pinned Jensen’s arms next to his head. And that was not Jensen’s dick between his thighs, no not at all. Well, yes, actually it was, but Jared wasn’t thinking about it.

Jensen just narrowed his eyes at Jared’s smug expression and then craned his neck so that he was looking over at Mike and Tom, who were still prancing about in the water. “Hey, assholes?” Mike and Tom both stopped what they were doing and turned around. “Help me get this giant fucker into the water!”

Mike and Tom looked at each other for a second and then the next thing that Jared knew they were racing towards him as fast as possible. “No, guys! No!” He rolled himself off Jensen in an attempt to get away, but they were on him before he got more than a few steps.

Single-handedly he might have been able to take them, well, maybe not Tom, but he was definitely no match for all three. He kicked and struggled against them, connecting solidly with someone’s ribs.

“No, you fuckers! I am not going in that water!” He shouted, wriggling and rolling in someone’s arms and trying to connect an elbow with whatever was in reach. He was putting up one hell of a fight, and he almost managed to break free at one point, but they were on him again in no time.

"I think--" Tom grunted "you are!"

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you bitches that no means no!” Jared shouted out again as they drew closer and closer to the water. Someone’s deft-fingered hand stole across his abdomen startling a laugh out of him that cost him whatever chance he had at escaping.

"See you on the other side, Jay-red!" Mike sing-songed. The next thing he knew he was crashing through water so cold that it felt like a full-body slap. All over his nerves cried out, demanding that he extricate himself immediately from the so-cold-it-burned lake water.

He pushed himself up out of the water, gasping and hacking, his clothes practically painted on his frame. “You jackasses!” He kicked a wall of water flying at Tom, who was laughing so hard he could barely breathe. All of them were. Jensen was turning blue from lack of oxygen he was laughing so hard. Jared seethed and muttered, pulling his t-shirt away from his skin with a sucking pop.

Tom fell over in the water, floating. "Oh, the expression on your face!"

"Beautiful," Jensen added.

“Man, I hate you guys.” Jared glared at them before splashing Tom and Mike again. Mike dove under to avoid any other water attacks. Jared thought it would probably be a good idea to get out before he ended up with his trunks around his ankles from a Rosenbaum-Monster sneak attack.

Jensen’s grin was huge, infectious, it gave him pause. “No you don’t, you love us. Well, actually, I don’t know about those two, but you love me.” Tom kicked Jensen, floating still and erupting into occasional giggles.

Jared shot his best friend a death glare. “I do not love you, you’re the worst!”

Tom squocked as Mike wrenched on his foot, tugging him under, and Jared and Jensen were left staring as Mike took off across the pond, free-styling swiftly while Tom tried to catch up.

“Haha, now that we’ve all had our laugh at Jared, Jared’s leaving!” He sloshed his way out of the water, divesting himself of his shirt and shorts the minute he had reached dry land. He felt eyes boring into him, and he looked over his shoulder to find Jensen staring at him as he stood in the water. Jared looked over himself, checking to see if anything was out of the ordinary. Did he have some pond-weed in his hair or something?

Jared couldn’t even summon up a glare when he found nothing, Jensen just looked that good with the water swirling around him. Jared made a disgusted noise int he back of his throat and turned away from the other TV-star. Jensen really was fucking with his head, and, apparently with his DNA too--he was turning into a completely sappy chick.

With a determined shake of his head, he turned away from Jensen. So much for being hot, now he felt like he was on the brink of getting fucking hypothermia. Goddamn Jensen. Well, now that he was already going to die of cold, he might as well actually take a swim. A sun-dappled part of the lake that was partially fenced in by trees beckoned. No way he was swimming around those jerks after that. He stomped off towards the secluded spot, hoped there weren't any hidden rocks, and dove in. It was warmer here in the sun than it had been near the beach front and that, at least, was something. He thought of Jensen, hair wet and spiky, eyelashes sparkling with water.

Jared snorted and tried not to dwell on it. He didn't really know what to do about Jensen. He couldn't ever tell him the truth, he kinda liked his job.

“You have no resolve, Jay!” Jensen's voice broke through his thoughts. Jared looked up to see him walking into the water. He must have ditched Mike and Tom, because he couldn't see the other two anywhere. Jensen splashed some water at Jared, who dove into the water just in time to avoid it.

“ 'I am not getting in that water!'” Jensen parroted at him, when he came up for air. Jared just groaned at his friend, and allowed himself to be borne up once more by the current. He was pretending to ignore Jensen.

“It is nicer over here though, man.” Jensen dove under and then resurfaced with a laugh, pushing his hand through his hair. Jared grunted in agreement, and just continued to float. “You’ve got good taste.”

Jared shot Jensen a look but otherwise said nothing. Jensen just splashed more water at him and rolled his eyes. Jared tried his hardest not to stare avidly at the water beading on Jensen’s chest.

“We shouldn’t tell Tommy and Mike about this,” Jensen said, interrupting his thought process.

“Hmm?” Jared asked, looking up from where he was once more floating on his back.

“Mike would probably piss in the water.”

Jared couldn’t prevent a laugh and then inwardly cursed himself for being unable to hold a grudge.

“Hah! I knew you were pretending, you sulky bitch!”

Jared sighed and rolled his eyes, splashing water back at the other man. “You are so romantic, Jen.”

Jensen swam over to Jared, arms slicing through the water. Jared remembered that Jensen had done a lot of swimming for physical therapy after he'd blown his knee in high school. “Dude, I’m a fucking Cyrano!”

“Shyeah, you know ‘cause you’re so ugly! You’re more like the dumb guy Christian!” Jared stood up, the water coming up to his waist.

“I can so be romantic!” Jensen protested with a grin and then fell against Jared, grasping him around the waist. “Oh Jared, but your eyelashes are so long and uh . . .tar-colored!”

Jared made a sound halfway between a laugh and a groan. “Definitely the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard!” He tried to disengage Jensen’s hold on him, but the other just tightened his grip and continued to act like a fainting maiden from days of yore.

“And you’re so . . .uh tall, yes tall as a tree, it makes me fluffy inside!”

“Oh my god, take me now!” Jared cried between laughs, shoving at Jensen who shoved back until they were grappling with each other for real.

“Those arm muscles, I bet you could demolish a door with them, Jared!” Jensen voice had gone syrupy sweet and Jared wondered if he’d ever heard anything so ridiculous in his entire life. Jensen was kind of scaring him.

“Dude, stop before I make you stop with my door-demolishing arm muscles!”

The other man practically cackled and then shoved against Jared so hard they both fell back under the surface. Their legs tangled as they struggled to get the upper hand. Several times they broke the water to flail ungracefully about.

Jared shouted, "I hate you so much, right now!" They fell back under again, swallowing water, but still fighting against each other.

Jensen was using all of his weight to hold him under and it seemed to be working, when his thigh, whether by mistake or artifice Jared didn’t know, put a steady pressure on Jared’s crotch. Sensation shot through him. Jared was so surprised that he burst up out of the water, taking Jensen with him.

They were still sealed together, their faces close and their arms still locked awkwardly from their struggle. Neither was quite sure what to do as they gasped in much needed air. Jensen hacked a few times and Jared pounded him on the back. He figured he should really step out of this weird hug thing at any moment, but it felt nice.

“Did I knee you?” Jensen asked tentatively. Jared was just about to answer no, when Jensen unknowingly shifted against his dick a second time, hip grinding across it. The sudden rush of blood there and the hitch in his breath was impossible to hide with Jensen pressed so tightly up against him in the chest deep water.

Jensen blushed and tensed against him, but he didn’t move away either, the both of them were a little too stunned to do much of anything at all. “I—uh I’m—well I—” His eyes dropped to Jared’s mouth.

And then because Jared had always been the go-getter type, even when it was for the wrong thing, or there were very bad consequences looming ahead, he leaned in and went for it. His lips lightly brushed Jensen’s and he half expected his friend to hit him, tell him accidental hip to dick brushing was not an invite of any kind. He was both gratified and surprised when Jensen came alive under his mouth, pulling them even closer and tangling his fingers in Jared’s hair. Jared arched against Jensen’s thigh and sucked on the tongue Jensen had thrust past his lips.

Jensen shifted against him again, a low sound coming out of his throat, as he dragged his blunt nails down Jared’s back. The cool water eddied around them, both heightening the effect and giving it a kind of languor, slowing it down, making him feel everything over long moments. Jared couldn’t believe this was happening here, now, in the middle of nowhere with his friends probably drinking cold ones and talking about hockey while they sat on a stretch of beach only a few feet away. But oh god it was good. They sunk back underneath the water and were startled out of their reverie when it went up their noses. Jared pedalled away from Jensen, snorting and rubbing at his nose. He'd forgotten how it burned like that.

“Christ!” Jensen cried, spitting out water and sniffling.

Jared sloshed over to where the water met the sand, plopping down as the waves lapped up around his thighs. “They never mention that happening in the movies.” He spat out more lake water, and then lay back on the sun-warmed sand. The water rushed up around his hips and then back again, his wet bathing suit plastered to his skin, clearly defining the evidence of growing arousal.

He noted that Jensen was trying not to stare and shifted his hips.

“Never made out in a pool before, Jared?”

“Nope.” He said matter-of-factly. He wasn’t sure why they weren’t more awkward, why they weren’t having discussions of the ‘what the fuck was that?’ nature, or even why they weren’t having the ‘I didn’t know you were into guys’ talk. He propped himself upwards on his elbows. “Dude, if that’s how you talk romantic, I shudder to think of how you talk dirty.”

Jensen shot him a look. “Jared, am I to believe that you’re really asking me to talk dirty to you?” His voice had gone low, and Jared swallowed, knowing well that his friend was a master in that arena. Girls just dropped their panties around him when he whispered in their ears.

Jared drew his leg up and then dropped it to the side, eyes going dark. "Tell me how you want me."

Jensen's mouth quirked up at the corner and he splashed his way over to Jared, climbing up out of the water. His suit was sliding down it was so soaked, and Jared caught his breath at the sight of his perfectly sculpted hip bones revealed above the waist band.

Jensen caught him looking and bit into his red lower lip with even white teeth. He dropped to the sand next to Jared and placed his hand over Jared’s abdomen, his fingers running over the contours of the muscles. “So hot, your skin all golden and glistening and you lie there staring at me, like I have something that only I can give you.”

Jared dropped his head back against the sand, listing to the side as Jensen's voice washed over him. Jensen pressed a kiss to the spot where Jared’s neck met his jaw and then swiped his tongue down the strong column of Jared’s neck. Jared’s fingers dug into sand, little grains beneath his nails, and he exhaled slowly, his muscles tensing and relaxing under Jensen’s touch.

“Want to fucking wrap myself up in you, touch everything there is to touch.” Jensen smoothed his palm over Jared’s thigh, and continued sucking at Jared’s neck, nibbling lightly at the pulse point. He hooked his leg over Jared’s, leaning more of his weight on him, and then moved downwards, his tongue running a fiery line over the skin of Jared’s chest. “Want to taste you, want you to taste you on me,” he whispered, Jared trembling beneath him.

Jared continued to remain passive, but it was a concerted effort on his part; all he wanted to do was roll Jensen beneath him and fuck him into the sand 'til they lost all reason and coherent thought, drown themselves in pleasure, but he figured he’d better let Jensen speak his piece. He'd asked for it after all.

“Wanted this for so long, being near you is painful, watching you move, so carelessly unaware” Jensen ground his thigh into Jared’s cock, this time deliberately. The pressure and friction was so perfect it made Jared’s eyes water. “And you’re straining to stay still, because you’re enjoying the moment too much to ruin it.”

Jensen straddled his waist and leaned back up to connect their mouths, tongues just barely flicking together. “What would you do to me, Jared? Would you hold me down and fuck me? Long and Deep and Hard?” Jensen punctuated his statement with a roll of his hips on each word. Jared made a strangled sound and arched underneath Jensen. “Or would you let me have you anyway I wanted?”

“What do you want?” Jared’s voice was raspy, and he felt Jensen shiver against him.

“I . . .” Jensen paused to suck on Jared’s earlobe. “I want you.”

Jared flipped the two of them over, pressing down into Jensen hard, kissing him like it was a fight. He pulled back to breathe, lips sore and sensitized. He could do that for hours, but he took a moment to admire Jensen beneath him. The older man's chest was heaving and his face was flushed. Jared brushed his thumb over Jensen’s cheek-bone and Jensen's eyes fluttered closed in response. His hand continued downwards, fingertips just skimming over the column of Jensen’s throat. He leaned in to kiss the juncture of Jensen’s neck and shoulder, taking in the cool watery taste of Jensen’s skin, the underlying hint of salt. He just barely caressed Jensen’s nipple in his wandering exploration of Jensen’s torso.

“I should have figured you for a tease,” Jensen said on a groan.

Jared grinned. “Just gotta take a moment to appreciate everything.”

He pinned Jensen’s hands up next to his head, thrusting sharply downwards against Jensen’s hips. Jensen moaned low, eyelids squeezed shut, and mouth contorting in pleasure. Jensen widened his thighs around Jared’s hips and then said in a breathy voice, “Now that you’re done appreciating maybe you can get to business?”

Jared laughed as he nipped at Jensen’s shoulder. “So romantic, Jen.”

“It worked didn’t it?” Jensen pointed out, his voice all husky and low, as his hips worked against Jared’s, their bathing trunks sliding together with a slick sound. “I mean look at where I am right now!”

“Jen?” Jared’s fingers tightened around Jensen’s wrists. “That’s because of you, not your sweet talk.”

He closed his lips on Jensen's nipple.

“I—oh!” was all Jensen managed in response, as he wrapped his thighs around Jared, the strong muscles cradling Jared’s hips. “Want you to—mmm—fuck me.”

“Don’t . . . have a . . . condom,” Jared replied, trying to catch his breath, as Jensen writhed against him. Jared licked Jensen's collarbone.

“Ahhh, God, just my—mmm—luck!” He twisted against Jared, both arching up into Jared’s mouth and trying to avoid it because it was too much, much too much.

Jared smiled and bit down lightly, teeth closing on the bone, the breathy sounds coming from Jensen nearly driving him to distraction. “You’re so responsive, Jen.”

“Just so you know, I don’t—oh god—usually do this on the first date.” Jensen’s lips were even more puffy than usual from their kisses and they were pressed together in the most perfect pout. Jared didn’t think he’d ever get tired of Jensen’s mouth, or the idea of it wrapped around his dick. He rolled his hips against Jensen's. Jensen’s body was hot everywhere they touched, and despite the more than cold water they’d been swimming in, he could feel sweat sliding down his neck.

“We dating then, Jen?” Jared asked, thinking at the same time that he couldn’t believe he was going to bring himself off on Jensen’s thigh like he was sixteen all over again.

“I don’t do one-offs!” he replied sharply, biting Jared’s neck hard enough to leave a mark that would definitely be there tomorrow. “So, dinner and a—fuck—movie?”

Jared let go of Jensen’s left wrist to snake a hand between their bodies and into Jensen’s trunks. Jensen was hard and hot in his hand. “Whatever you want,” Jared replied into the skin of Jensen’s throat.

“Jared—gonna kill me.” He palmed Jensen’s cock, watching as his eyes rolled up in his head. Jared’s fingers tightened, feeling Jensen tremble beneath him. His own dick felt like he could use it to break something and he wasn’t doing more than grinding into Jensen’s body and watching his friend go wild as he drew closer to the edge. He wanted Jensen to come apart underneath him so bad it nearly hurt. His hand slid on Jensen’s wrist and then their fingers were interlaced. They wouldn’t speak of it later, there would only be the straining against each other for completion. But Jared would remember the sweetness of the moment as Jensen came apart in his arms. He would remember because it was Jensen, because it was exactly what he wanted.

“I’m gonna come, Jay.” His fingers tightened their grip on Jared’s hand, and the choked little mewl he made was too much. It drove Jared over the edge with him, all of the muscles in his body strung taut as his orgasm was practically forced out of him. It took all of his will-power to remember to prop his weight up on his elbow rather than simply draping himself over Jensen.

Jensen shuddered underneath him with the aftershocks, his face buried in Jared’s neck. When he’d come back to himself, he looked up at Jared. “What about you?”

“I uh, you don’t have to worry about that.” He blushed and looked away, still clearly registering every part of Jensen’s body that he touched.

Jensen shot him an inscrutable look then and pulled him in for a kiss that was all teeth and tongue and trying to own him. Jared let him; Jensen could have anything Jared had to give if he used that tone of voice on him. “That’s hot, Jared, that’s really hot.”

Jared blushed and looked away, rolling himself off of Jensen and diving back into the water to clean off.

“Do you think they’ve noticed we’ve gone?” Jared asked when he came back up again, shaking water out of his hair, and then gesturing with his head in the direction he thought Mike and Tom probably were.

“You kidding? Rosenbaum’s probably taped the entire thing.”

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