the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
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What's happening in the life of your favorite college girl? For once, something interesting!

[ mood | whee ]
[ music | Beautiful-Moby ]

On Sunday, a full length mirror I was sitting next fell over. I, like the genius I so demonstrably am, stuck my hand out to catch it. It broke on it, slitting my ring finger right at the joint. LOVELY, seven years bad luck from trying to stop a mirror breaking. *Shakes fist* BITCH!

Anyway, I can finally kick back. Midterms are over. Well not quite, I have another paper due next week. But the important midterms are over. Whee! Funny that I'm sitting her with my poor finger and I'm like, midterms! I guess that's what it's like when you go to this school!

So I've been watching season three (finally since I don't watch TV, well I do but only when it's on a disc) on DVD and I just got to episode 10. WOOOHOOO! That made me so happy. Cake tasting woman calling them the cutest most open and caring couple ever and then Sean and Christian hamming it up for her. I wuv it! Wuv it. I'm pretty sure Holly thought I was high, as I started jumping around the room! I even hit my head on my bunk bed and I didn't care.

To whom it may concern . . .hey, Linda, you'll be happy because Chapter 3 of my regency period Darren/Daniel story is almost done!

Tags: d/d, nip/tuck
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