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Hijinks of the Supreme Order!

I piled seven people into my little honda civic and drove it to Friendly's this evening. That was amusing. We listened to the greatest hits of the backstreet boys and danced around (I got all nostalgic when the carolon played "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" this afternoon). When I was trying to change lanes to the right, I had to get Justin to tell me what was going on because I couldn't see over all their heads. I think we drove out waiter pretty nuts, but he got a good tip out of it, so no complaining allowed.

I'm going to go study for my Japanese test so that I don't completely fail now. I'm sure you'll survive without me.

to whom it may concern . . .Okay, Eileen, if war is what you want, then you can fucking get it, all nice and giftwrapped too.
Tags: backstreet boys, friendly's, rock out
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