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I think I shall make a tradition to have a new hair color every Halloween!

I changed into my glam rock costume today and I looked pretty awesome I must say. Unfortunately it was SOOOO hot, today was actually a warm day here, so I was pretty much dying. At about 7:00 I gave up and said fine, I still have blue hair, I'll just go as Robert Smith from The Cure. It worked pretty well. I just smudged black make-up all over my eyes and didn't bother to clean it up when they started watering. It also meant goodbye high heels and sequins and hello converse and scrunchy sweat-shirt.

So I went like that to Liquor Treating, I don't think I've ever had such bizarre mixed drinks. It was basically just running around Saybrook getting more alcohol. Eventually we all camped out on the hammock and took extremely unflattering pictures of ourselves. I swear to god I don't look that horrible in real life. At some point I will actually take the time to put some pictures up. I promise. Even when they make me look like I have some facial deformity.

After that I went to my screening and instead of going to YSO like everybody else on campus, I went to hang out with my dad. He's kind of a wreck over Maureen these days. It's pretty awful.

to whom it may concern . . .Happy Halloween people! I hope you got as little work down as I did.

Tags: glam rock, the cure
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