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Your abs are utterly and completely horribly disgustingly wrong!

Okay, now that I've found that T-shirt shop in the Haight I'm never going to leave. EVER. I've got my Roxy Music shirt and I'm off to save the world. Come on guys, who can go wrong with Andy Mackay! Anyway, here I am sitting still and not doing much. It's a good feeling. I'm making dinner tonight though so I have to get up off my ass at some point.

Yesterday Flo and I went to the Haight, we of course had a great time. I mean how could we not, it's Florence, it's the Haight, it's my car+music! I managed to spend 200 dollars. That was quite an achievement if I do say so myself. Conor called me at some point. We hung out for a couple hours, talked about anti-depressants and culture loss in Europe. Never a dull moment with you dear.

To whom it may concern . . .Batman Begins opens Wednesday!
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