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Listening to Bad Company and drinking Tejava

Hadn't meant for this new layout to be so Christmassy, nevertheless it is. Ah well. It's been a mellow Christmas. Which is strange for me. Usually I'm surrounded by 5000 people: assorted relatives, hangers-on, and munchkins. This year I'm actually spending Christmas with my mother. Which is odd because the two of us are atheists, so we do our whole little gift-giving thing, but it doesn't have the same gravity. Because we're dutch we give each other joke gifts more than real ones.

Last night we went to the Village Pub for our Eve dinner. I'm used to being mistaken for being older than I am, but the fact that they gave me alcoholic egg nog (it came with the meal) rather than the kid's version that I know they were passing around to everybody else who looked reasonably close to me in age was a little ridiculous. I'm turning 19 next week, not 25!

eh *shrugs*.

Merry Christmas all!

-Silver earrings
-beaded ring, I'm starting to think my brother aidan has better taste than I do. That is not fair.
-horrible Irish bracelet thing that I would never wear in a million years from my grandparents . . .typical (and not because it's Irish either, that just makes it slightly more acceptable).
-Massively glitterly sparkly huge pink Christmas ornament, wow both my brothers have me pegged
-tea (Rooibos)
-$80 in borders gift certificates(which was converted into six DVDs-Empire Records, The Count of Monte Cristo, Royal Tenenbaums, The Mummy Returns, About A Boy, and Shakespeare in Love)
-Bose headphones (so loud I think I'll be deaf before the end of January)
-belt from the gap
-purple velvet robe that trails along behind me. I feel like the Queen in the 10th Kingdom when I wear it.
-yucky chocolate euros and suitably derogatory poem from my mother
-lotion from origins (made with tea, I think that's why they got it for me)
-Nails by Peter Bowen
-S75 at the art store
-I Like You by Amy Sedaris
-Channel Nail Polish in Pink Satin
-Scissor Sisters t-shirt

okay, so this seems incredibly spoiled. It comes from being from an Italian and Irish family and from having divorced parents. I feel like I should color code that I so can specify which halves of the family everything came from.
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