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God, I hate odd numbers

Amazingly, my birthday went well. The last two years have been good, so I'm hoping for a "good birthday" trend, because two only makes a coincidence. There were so many people wishing me a Happy Birthday on facebook that I almost wanted to write a note telling them to stop. Not that I don't like birthdays, but OH MY GOD, I didn't think I'd ever see an end to enbolded e-mails in the inbox, not to mention you've gotta reply to all of these people...

I am such a Scrooge...

Lynne slept over last night. I hadn't seen her since two days before my accident, so a long damn time. We made dinner, watched cheesie films, and ate a LOAD of junk food. By the way, I am the master and you must all bow for me, because Lynne now makes four people I've converted to J2. Still no luck with my suitemates though. They are very tricksy. Although I think if I continue with a direct assault on Caity she shall cave.
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