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Yohoho and a Bottle of Rum

I arrived in Chicago after pulling an all-nighter (brilliant plan right?) and proceeded to stuff myself on Falco's pizza. Yummy. Of course everything went to hell after that, Sergio is splitting up with his boyfriend and so, as one does when one is depressed and their is alcohol in the vicinity, he got totally plastered. I was just chilling out with a bottle of Seagrams with Robbie and plugging my laptop in to his rig and jamming. Holy crap I forgot the speakers on that thing. And I thought my headphones were gonna make me deaf. Hah, not bloody likely.

He messed with "Jerk It Out" and turned it into the coolest thing I have EVER heard and then Xochitl and Sergio came back and we're dancing around jamming to air guitar. We must have looked so silly, especially because I was in my polka-dot jammies.

Tonight were planning to go to the movies, don't know what we're going to see, but that's not, apparently, the important part. I'm trying to get all of my stories updated, but it's slow going. I swear to god, if any of you ever want to beta for me I would love you forever.

to whom it may concern...Another Gay Movie is ridiculous!
Tags: another gay movie, caesars, speaker blasting
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