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So full I feel like I'll explode

Went to Greek town today for dinner. So yummy. I definitely ate too much. Xochitl ordered a $44 bottle of wine and then nearly died when she saw the price. Rosemary kept laughing about Xochitl's "gallon", but she was the one who put ice in it. Ice in the wine? Good lord.

Now, on a completely unrelated note Topgun is really gay. I'm surprised that straight men don't run screaming at the sight of it. Val Kilmer looks like he has trouble restraining himself from jumping Tom Cruise (granted if Tom Cruise wasn't a psycho and still looked like that, I probably would too). Hmm, I should write about it. Actually, I think that little fake biting thing Iceman does is good enough.

"She's lost that loving feeling."
"No she hasn't. No-no she hasn't. Damn it, I hate it when she does that."
Tags: tom cruise, topgun, val kilmer
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