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I'm surprised my nose is still attached to my face

It's SOOO freakin' cold here. What happened? On Monday it was only vaguely chilly and NOW, well now it's just awful. I had to drag out the winter coat! So not fun. So I'm debating at this point whether to take 4 1/2 credits or 5 1/2 credits. What do you think, guys? I have two classes that are up in the air at the mo' SEXY BIO (Biology of Gender and Sexuality) or Birth of Europe.

So it's official: Lauren is double majoring in film studies and history. I've already filled both pre-reqs. Now all I have to do is sign that friggin' paper. This leaves Lauren's options open. Either I am going to go to Film School and become a director or I'm going to go to Law School and join the DOJ. Which one is more glamorous, you think?
Tags: doj, film school
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