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Good Gracious, what a life I lead!

Did I tell you about getting back from Chicago? Because I really should've. It was a hellish experience. I was going on roughly 9 hours of sleep spread out over five days, we were totally on the runway for an extra hour, and then I reach New York where the traffic is bad! Yay. Did I mention that my driver was a Polish guy who was a bassist in a local New Haven band and he introduced me to this trippy band called Mahogany all the while it's foggy and mysterious and shit like that? I though I was having a bad drug experience. But hey, at least I liked the band.

The reason I'm mentioning this to you is that I'm sure that did something to my head, because currently I'm doing a Star Wars/SPN crossover, and clearly one's brain must be fried to even consider it. All I can say, Xtine, is that you had better beta this when I'm done with it.

I have escaped to the safe haven of my dad's house so that I can light numerous (10 at last count) candles and watch the West Wing and write this story in peace. Also, Robert Knepper on the West Wing? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS? OHEMGEE, he's arguing with Rob Lowe and I clearly have a major kink factor because it's S0Oo hot.

to whom it may concern . . .I want my brain back, y'all, I think watching Tim Curry buttle was the final straw
Tags: crossover, mahogany
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