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So lovies, I guess I shall survive . . .it's good to be right

So my darlin' dearests, Step-up (the place I was going) is pretty awesome. It turns out John was going too, so we met up on the plane and figured it out. The Five Cs are beautiful, my suite is awesome, my councilor is awesome, the scavenger hunt was awesome, walks to the village were awesome. In fact the only thing that wasn't awesome is the food. People also um, have interesting taste in music. People are so motivated though, to do good in their community and to talk to others. It's a good feeling to be surrounded by people who act if not think in a similar fashion to you.

Obviously this does not bear true for everybody. Because we all have our interests, but we are generally motivated and interested in talking to each other. There are surprisingly few people who grate on my nerves (personal record guys and gals), and my roommate is a lot of fun. She has these totally random conversations with her boyfriend that are actually really funny to listen to. Also I had a lot of fun shocking my fellow leaders with the conversation Conor and I had.

It's pretty liberated though, everybody pretty much runs around does whatever. Well not quite so free as that, but they expect us to make good decisions and usually I think we do pretty well. Much better than close-up. Honestly, I would never ever do close-up again and I probably wouldn't recommend it. Because seriously it created factions and groups that were honestly more popular than the rest. I hate that. I think you know that.

to whom it may concern . . .tomorrow Flo, I shall call you and it will be long and involved. Good.
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