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So don't tell me we're forgiven...

I saw the Covenant earlier this week. Um, Steven Straight rocks my socks, but the movie? ACK! It was downright painful. And they could've done with a better soundtrack artist, not to mention it was downright kitschy. HOWEVER, if you want to see lots of hot boys in itty bitty swim suits this is the movie for you.

I'm making a mix CD for Jane. I'll make mixes for all of you. If you feel like it. It's kind of my favorite past-time. People who have recieved Mixes from Lauren:
Carolyn, Alicia, Nick, Lee, Justin, Lexi (mucho), Meredith, Eileen, Edith, both of my brothers, and Chris

Want to join the list?

Also, Chris (who is my freshman councilor for those of you who don't know)and I are getting together to watch SPN on Saturday. I find this hilarious. I'll probably traumatize him by pointing all of the wincesty-ness. I wonder about him though, he's straight but he seems to have a thing for Jensen. Bizarre. I wonder why? </sarcasm>
Tags: covenant, crushes on jensen ackles, froco, mix cds, supernatural
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