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Of course, immediately after sleeping the whole day away...I come here

Ahah! I sent off all of your CDs (for those of you who asked for them) yesterday. If anybody else suddenly gets possessed of an urge to have one feel free! Also, Xtine, what are these exhorbitant 'shipping to canada' costs you spoke of? I saw none of it. Although, conversely this might mean you won't recieve it because I fucked up. I'm going to go with option one.

My lips feel like they're burning off my face, I had forgotten that winters were like this in places where it actually got cold. Have mercy on me, Weather, the last time I experienced this I was seven.

To everybody who loves the J2 on my flist (and you are also on facebook) go join the group I just created...

If This Group of People reaches 100,000 Jared and Jensen will get married

It's a worthy cause, yo!
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